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Acumbamail review

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Acumbamail is an email marketing tool that businesses use to generate transactional emails, SMS and build landing pages for their marketing campaigns.

The product is an efficient tool to automate your lead conversion. In this Acumbamail review, we explored the product’s affordability, custom features, automation functionalities, and ease of use.

About Acumbamail

Acumbamail is a complete email marketing tool (platform). It’s fast and intuitive to build a solid cross-channel strategy when you want to connect with your audience via landing pages, SMS campaigns, email marketing, list optimization, and automation tools.

The company is based in Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, and was founded in 2013. Acumbamail has been targeting mainly small and medium-sized businesses and self-employed workers to assist them with a simple yet functional tool for fast support.

This detailed review will explore this product’s functions, strengths, weaknesses, and features. This review will help you decide if this product is suitable for you (your business or agency) or not.

Ease of use4.5
Overall 4.5

Getting started with Acumbamail

The following are the steps on how to get started with Acumbamail:

1. Create an account

On the Acumbamail homepage, you select the Sign-Up option on the right side of the dashboard and input your email address and password that’s unique to you.

2. Start with the free plan/free trial

The platform has a free plan option, and other paid plans, which differs from the other.

Acumbamail has 4 categories in its pricing plan. The categories are:

  • Mailings
  • Subscribers,
  • Prepaid
  • SMS.

Mailing plan

This category has options that let you choose a pricing plan based on your number of subscribers. The price changes as you increase your subscription database.

  • Free $0 – A free plan that comes with a free test. You can send up to 2000 emails per month and need 250 subscribers.
  • Basic $23 – With this category, you get A/B testing, a landing page editor, complete reports, telephone support, and 850+ customizable templates.
  • Pro $65 – With this category, you get an agency account, Facebook audiences, monthly email marketing advice, and list cleaning.
  • Enterprise $204 -With this pricing plan, you get priority support, an account manager, email marketing consulting, and a dedicated IP.


Similar to the mailing option, the price differs, and there is a price plan for a specific amount of subscribers.

  •     Free Plan at $0
  •     Basic Plan at $34 (for 2,500 subscribers)
  •     Pro Plan at $74 (for 2,500 subscribers)
  •     Enterprise Plan at $207 (for 2,500 subscribers)


Similar to Mailings and Subscribers, a one-off payment of $61 for 5000 mailings.

A one-off payment of $294 for 50,000 mailings. It has the following features:  

  • Unlimited number of subscribers
  • Unlimited daily limit
  • Expires after 2 years

How the Acumbamail’s dashboard works 

Acumbamail’s dashboard is easy to set up. It has various services for SMEs, self-employed, agencies, enterprises, and institutions.

When you log in to your dashboard, you’re presented with a worksheet to set up data that entails your business.

The Campaign button helps to check, record, and process your newsletter, RSS, A/B testing, and Autoresponder. Select ‘Create Campaign’ enables you to calculate your number of subscribers and manage your email schedule.

The Template option has a preview option that shows you how your email will look when sent to your subscribers. At the time of writing this, there are 21 templates ranging from Travel, News, Marketing and Events.

The Automation option helps in follow-ups and auto-responses.

The Report option shows you the analytics of your campaign. You will find the number of views, time spent reading emails, location, opening time, and so on.

Features of Acumbamail

This section covers what Acumbamail features and contains guidelines for navigating your way around the product.

1. Email services

With this option/service, you can create mail marketing campaigns with the complete tool quickly and easily. Your email marketing campaign gets ready in a few minutes.

With this feature, diverse types of marketing campaigns – with the help of Acumbamail’s intuitive editor – can be sent. The product’s editor also helps check detailed reports to measure and improve results.

How Acumbamail email marketing services explained

The following points are the benefits of using the email service feature.

a. Email marketing

You can use Acumbamail to deliver commercial communications that subscribers have agreed to receive in an email and are included in a database.

Marketing campaigns will vary, but email advertising is one of the least expensive direct-marketing channels you can use to communicate with customers. Acumbamail’s email service is an effective way of keeping your (potential) customers abreast about all your deals, news, and juicy content you may generate.

The benefits of email marketing give you lots of reasons to try Acumbamail out. With this product’s email marketing feature, you can send the following types of campaigns:

  • Transactional email
  • Automation
  • Newsletters
  • RSS
  • A/B Testing

b.  Bulk mailing

A bulk email (send pulse-link) is referred to a marketing message which is sent by a brand to multiple recipients at once.

Bulk mailing is one of the most important digital marketing techniques of today, and in turn, it effectively helps a platform or business achieve its desired sales. Bulk mailing comes in handy as a tool when businesses are looking to expand and reach new customers while keeping costs as low as possible.

You can increase your engagement, sales, and interactions with customers who receive these emails.

How Acumbamail bulk mailing works

When using the Acumbamail bulk mailing feature, keep an eye out for the following metrics:

  • Bounce rate    
  • CTR (Click-through rate)
  • Open rate
  • Deliverability

c. Email marketing template editor

This feature enables you to create customized campaigns without prior programming knowledge. You have to scroll through all templates (about 861 templates) and pick one – or two that catch your fancy or are suitable for your mailing list.

How Acumbamail email marketing template editor works

Regarding templates, you can choose from various markets or industries.

You can also test-run your campaign at any resolution to find the perfect size that fits all screens. As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to program or design any template from the scratch. Templates can be searched for, tweaked, managed, and edited.

d. Email marketing automation

With this feature, you can check and track your emails in real-time. You are presented with the option of selecting specific templates you intend to use to create email campaigns or messages for a specific audience.

You can also send different types of emails at the same time – both welcoming new subscribers and at the same time sending a campaign (either about an upcoming deal or discount on a particular product) to existing subscribers.

How Acumbamail email marketing automation works 

To check real-time reports of your subscribers (subscribers list), you need to have created a profile or be logged in on Acumbamail.

When logged in, you are presented with a dashboard called ‘’Automations’’ with a tag line that informs you about what it is for intelligent rules that trigger actions, such as follow-ups and auto-responses.

As a first-time user, you won’t have any list or database of subscribers. To begin, you select the ‘’New Automation’ option on your dashboard’s right side.

A drop message is displayed which asks you to create a new automation. It asks for a name and the description you intend to use for your automation. For this article, I typed in Canva in the name and ‘’Did you write this’’ in the description box.

The mail I’m working on (for this article) is a promotional email to sensitize my subscribers to new fonts available on Canva. When inputting your name and description, they should be in line with what your mail is about (is it to welcome new subscribers, remind old subscribers about a new product or an upcoming deal, or an event that will interest them or daily use).

Navigating the dashboard is easy as you can easily select where you direct the mail too. For the automation to be functional, you head to the ‘Reports’ option to have a rundown or statistics on your campaigns. It displays a campaign summary of the date the email was sent, the name and email address of the sender, the subject of the email, and lists of recipients to the mail will be sent. (In my case, it was sent to a list of 1 – myself).

2. SMS services

This allows you to select tools to create SMS campaigns for (potential) customers and subscribers.

 Some of its features include:

  • The ability to send bulk SMS from your PC without needing installation. All can be done via the web.
  • The ability to send bulk SMS campaigns at an affordable price with the best quality.

With this service, you can choose from the selected price plan to be able to send to numbers in almost any country.

You can send SMS to the following countries in these zones at no additional cost. They include:

  • Zone 1: Austria, Chile, Columbia, Croatia, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom.
  • Zone 2: Iceland, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Romania, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Cuba, Greece, and Norway.

SMS pricing plan

Acumbamail ratings + why we recommend this product

Now that you know Acumbamail is a robust, user-friendly email marketing tool, how does it stack up against specific user-centric parameters?

Here are our findings.

1.  Suitable message limits

Some marketing platforms place restrictions on a certain number of messages, and that may affect your opportunities. Although with Acumbamail’s free plan option, you can get the basics done and have a database of subscribers.

However, if you’re going for the paid option, it starts at a basic price of $23 (E22) if you want to send 20,000 emails monthly. The platform has various options: $42 for 40,000 emails in a month, $91 for 100,000 emails in a month, $168 for 300,000 emails in a month, up to $526 for 2,000,000 emails in a month – all at a basic plan.

Pricing: On a scale of 1 – 5, Product Curve ranked it 4.8 because it’s affordable, and you may not need a paid options.

2. Marketing automation

The email, SMS, and landing page services on Acumbamail save you the time of sorting subscribers, welcome messages, scheduling messages and checking real-time reports.

Acumbamail makes it easier as you need to input the necessary information that will be needed to create a database. This particular feature is user-friendly as you don’t need programming or design knowledge to set anything up.

Accessing the platform will be very easy for business owners; however, some features will require you to be on a paid option.

Automation: Product Curve ranks this on a scale of 4.3

3. Robust analytics

You track bounce rates, CTRs, open rates, and other email marketing metrics.

Acumbamail has a very robust analytics system that works in real-time and gives you feedback, reports, and summaries of the outcome of an email or SMS campaign. Taking an email campaign, for instance, Acumbamail’s analytic system gives you raw feedback on the action taken.

You have an idea of the times your mail was opened, engagement levels, forwarded messages, complaints, click-throughs, mails that got delivered and other information.

Analytics: Product Curve ranks this on a scale of 4.8

4.  Responsive layout

Image and screen resolutions play a big role in determining the engagement of a mail campaign.

When using Acumbamail to design a mail template, I had the option of previewing my work on a mobile and a laptop. They gave me an idea of what my mail will look like in my subscriber’s inbox, and I had the opportunity to instantly judge if it would be opened and engaged with.

These are subtle features to look out for when creating campaigns. Product Curve ranks this a 4.

Comparison: Acumbamail vs Mailchimp

In this section, we’ll do a comparison by having Mailchimp as an alternative. We’ll cover Mailchimp’s features, pricing plans, what you may like about the platform, and ratings from G2 and Capterra.

About Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an email marketing and automation platform that businesses and enterprises can use in handling mailing lists and creating email marketing campaigns

MailChimp offers complete transparency in your campaigns, helps you track your emails, and custom reports, and has a managerial ability to handle subscribers. The platform allows you to send 12,000 emails to 2000 subscribers without a financial commitment.

With the freemium option, you have access to some features, including the ability to create campaigns and marketing automation workflows.

ProductProduct Ratings

Mailchimp’s features and services

Mailchimp’s features can adequately meet small and medium business marketing needs. The platform’s CRM (customer relationship management) helps you know your audience and find new ways to market and present your products.

1. Ease of use

A user-friendly dashboard with readable fonts and beginner-friendly write-ups on how to get started on the platform.

  2.  Customizable templates

Mailchimp’s template selection allows you to pick a layout and an option of coding your layout. As a creative that has zero knowledge or idea of what coding entails, the Themes option gives me a wide variety of templates to choose from.

 They are also customizable and range from Featured to Subscriber Alerts to Holidays and Social.

3. Contact/customer database

This includes an interactive list of contacts or subscribers and contains information that includes email addresses, geographic locations, demographics and purchasing history.

4. Click tracking

This feature gives you subscribers’ behaviors through their clicks and navigations. In the image shown above, the dashboard shows that this particular database has 2 subscribers who both opened the mail sent to them.

Actions like Opened, Clicked, Bounced, and Unsubscribed are some features worth looking out for.

5. Content optimizer and content management

Mailchimp Content Optimizer feature helps review some writing elements like spelling, grammar, sentence length, and errors in link formatting, among others. Suggestions (based on the best marketing practices and comparisons) are also provided for improvement should in case an error is spotted.

6. Geolocation

Mailchimp gathers real-time information in regards to where a subscribers interact with your email campaigns or SignUp forms.

Mailchimp’s pricing plan

Marketing platform pricing

1. Free plan

Their free plan gives you all the multi-channel tools needed to build your business and grow your audience. Incentives when you opt for the free plan:

  • MailChimp domain
  • Forms and landing pages
  • Marketing CRM – which gives you the ability to collect and organize your audience data and use the data in speaking to them across various channels, including social media and emails among others.
  • Website builder
  • Creative assistant – on-brand designs are created when Mailchimp imports your images, fonts, brands, colours and logos straight from your website.

Note: With this free plan, you have a daily send limit of 2000 emails (campaigns) and a monthly send limit of 10,000.

2. Essentials plan

The plan starts at $11 (monthly) for 500 contacts. This pricing plan is great for email-only senders who want around-the-clock support.

Incentives you get when you opt for the Essentials Plan – everything in the Free Plan including:

  • 24/7 email & chat support
  • Custom branding allows you to disable the Mailchimp referral badge from the bottom of your emails and signup forms.
  • Email & landing page templates – access a plethora of pre-designed templates that help enhance your emails and landing pages. Marketplace templates are available as add-ons.
  • A/B testing – a feature that gives you various subject lines, content, design and send times that help you learn what resonates well with your audience.
  • 250+ app integrations including Stripe, Shopify, QuickBooks Online, and Squarespace.

3. Standard plan

The plan starts at $17 (monthly) for 500 contacts. This plan is suitable for data-driven automation tools for businesses that want to grow faster.

Incentives you get when you opt for the Standard Plan – everything in the Essentials Plan including:

  • Behavioral targeting
  • Dynamic content allows you to create one email layout and the ability to personalize content for different audience segments you select.
  • Customer journey builder + branding points – the ability to create and automate unique adoptable journeys for customer scenarios with full functionality of Mailchimp’s Customers Journey Builder.
  • Send time optimization – Find the perfect time to automatically send your emails (campaigns) and analyze your users’ engagement patterns.
  • Custom templates – you can control your designs by importing your HTML-coded designs, which can be useful in future email campaigns.

4. Premium plan

The Premium plan starts at $299 (monthly) for 10,000 contacts. This plan suits advanced marketers who want Mailchimp’s sophisticated growth tools, including priority phone support.

Incentives you get when you opt for the Premium Plan – everything in the Standard Plan including:

  • Comparative reporting
  • Phone & priority support – you receive faster support from Mailchimp’s experts via phone (available in the English language), live chat or email.
  • Unlimited seats and role-based access
  • Multivariate testing – you can test up to 8 campaign variations to see how small changes to your campaign can impact your engagement.
  • Advanced segmentation – You can target users based on unlimited flexible conditions that ensure your emails (campaigns) reach your intended target.

Websites and commerce pricing plan

1. Free plan

Free plan provides services and tools businesses will need to build a website and/or launch a store.

The Free Plan has a non-refundable transaction fee of 2% and a Stripe processing fee that varies by location.

2. Core plan

The Core plan starts at $10 and provides website customization, 24/7 support and lower transaction fees for growing businesses.

The Core Plan has a non-refundable transaction fee of 1.5% and a Stripe processing fee that varies by location.

3. Plus plan

Plus plan starts at $29 and has all website and commerce features and offers the lowest transactional fees for scaling businesses.

The Plus Plan has a non-refundable transactional fee of 0.5% and a Stripe processing fee that varies by location.

Transactional emails pricing plan

Designed for developers and can be personalized. Assuming your email estimate is 50 per month, you have a fee of $20 and an optional IP for $29.95.

Acumbamail review

The estimated monthly cost for sending 50 emails will be $49.95 ($20 because the Dedicated IP is optional).

Remarkable features that make Acumbamail a reliable alternative to Mailchimp

Now that we have made a brief comparison between Acumbamail and Mailchimp, this section will look at the features that make Acumbamail an alternative to Mailchimp. Let’s get into it.

1. Customizable templates

When we looked at Mailchimp’s templates, an option was presented to code your design or template. When using Acumbamail, you do not need coding or design knowledge to get started.

On Acumbamail, you have tons of beautifully pre-designed templates and are quick to personalize to your taste or audience.

2. Image library

Let’s say you have gotten your newsletter template ready and don’t like the image displayed there. You have access to stock-free photos in your workspace when editing and they fit into whatever message you want to convey.

3. Subscriber management

This feature gives you a broad view of how your subscriber count is looking, with suggestions on how to import subscribers.

4. Language options

Acumbamail is a Spanish company, but at the bottom of the homepage, you can choose between 3 distinct languages – Italian, Spanish and English. 

5. User interface

You will like the interface when you hop on Acumbamail’s website and see various bold illustrations. The homepage is accessible, and you can read the descriptions for a better understanding.

Their use of colours is also minimal and not conflicting.

Wrap It Up

Glad you made it to the end of this review. We’ve covered what email marketing tools are and the need for them in your businesses with necessary links and statistics.

The pricing plan for Acumbamail is standard and affordable, and you get your money’s worth in terms of revenue and subscriber counts. If it’s your first use of Acumbamail, we recommend you experiment with a free plan to find what works for you with how you send, time, and evaluate campaigns.

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