Zoho Recruit is an eRecruitment system that enables in-house recruiters and staffing agencies to streamline the recruitment lifecycle. It helps organizations acquire talent more efficiently with its applicant tracking software (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Zoho Recruit also offers automation and customization solutions for routine or technical tasks.


Sridhar Vembu



• Applicant Tracking



• Charting

• Customizable Forms

• Digital Signature

• Email Templates

• Job Tracking

• Matching Engine

• Mobile Access

• Reporting/Analytics

• Resume Database

• SMS Messaging

• Status Tracking

• Two-Way Audio & Video


Zoho Recruit offers a 15-day free trial on its pricing plans, which include:

Free Forever: $0

Standard: $25/recruiter per month.

Professional: $50/recruiter per month

Enterprise: $75/recruiter per month



Price Range



Is Zoho Recruit a good ATS?

Zoho Recruit is a full-suite ATS built with advanced features, including radius search, job pipeline editing, etc., giving you more control over the recruitment process. Zoho Recruit remains an efficient ATS option, especially if you’re an independent recruiter.

Is Zoho Recruit easy to use?

Zoho Recruit simplifies your recruitment process and provides you with automation and customization tools. Zoho Recruit can show you an entire recruitment pipeline in a single view and allows you to post jobs to multiple free and paid job boards. It also provides an option for pre-screening candidates at the start of the recruitment process.

Does Zoho Recruit have an API?

Yes, Zoho Recruit has an API.

Can I use Zoho Recruit on a mobile device?

Zoho Recruit is available on mobile devices, including Android, iPad, and iPhone.



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