Unbounce is a landing page builder. It enhances online conversion with its powerful features like optimized page sections, style guide, dynamics texting replacement, and a host of others, all combined with AI to ensure a seamless and skillful Landing Pages creation. With the aid of Unbounce, writers can optimize traffic and get more signups and sales.


Rick Perreault, Carl Schmidt, Carter Gilchrist, Jason Murphy, Justin Stacey, Oli Gardner.


Features of Unbounce include:

  • Optimized Page Sections 
  • Style Guide
  • Design Assistance
  • Builder Grid
  • Copy Insights
  • A/B Testing 
  • Conversion Mapping 
  • Smart Traffic Report
  • Embedded Videos
  • Dynamics Texting Replacement 
  • URL Targeting
  • Google Analytics 
  • Script Manager
  • Third-Party Embedding 
  • Built-In Google Fonts
  • SVG Images
  • Conversion Goals
  • Expander
  • Custom Script 
  • Advanced Design Control
  • Speed Boost

Unbounce offers a 14-day free trial. Its pricing plans are:

  • Launch: $90 / Per month
  • Optimize: $135 / Per Month
  • Accelerate: $225 / Per Month
  • Concierge: $575 /per month


Price Range



Is Unbounce easy to use?

 Unbounce is user-friendly. It has an interactive and easy-to-navigate dashboard and user interface. Unbounce has more than 120,000 customers due to its accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness. 

What customer support does Unbounce have? 

Users can contact Unbounce via email on weekends and phone on weekdays from 1 am to 8 am Pacific Standard Time (PST). 

What security features does Unbounce have? 

Unbounce has put in place SSL encryption, Password security, and two-factor authentication, amongst others, to ensure utmost safety. 


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