The sandbox is a block-chain based game where players can build, own and monetize game experience in a virtual world. Players are allowed to sell, buy and monetize their assets within the game.


Authur Madrid and Sebastien Borget

  • Create and Play
  • Socialize and interact
  • Explore and Earn
  • IPS and Content



Is the sandbox a good investment?

There are predictions by the market analyst that suggest that the digital world will be a massive hit in time to come. Sandbox takes a growing web community curve that attracts investors.

Is the sandbox free to play?

Playing is free. What isn't is land. Land in the sandbox is a digital piece of real estate that players get to build on. The cheapest land costs about 2 Ethereum.

Is sandbox the best metaverse

Sandbox ranks as the second largest metaverse token

Is sandbox secure

In partnership with ledger, the sandbox works to create a safe space for users and reduce the number of scams and hacks in the cryptocurrency space.

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