Solutionreach is a patient engagement software. It is a product designed for healthcare practices of all sizes, including specialty practices, primary care, and multi-unit operations. Solutionreach enables healthcare professionals to access a unified set of capabilities such as patient portals, online scheduling, reputation management, website management, and many more.


Jim Higgins


Some of the features of Solutionreach are:

  • Appointment management
  • Alerts system
  • Automated scheduling
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Calendar management
  • Communication management
  • Third-party integrations
  • Registration management
  • Social media integration
  • Progress tracking
  • Patient management
  • Online payments
  • Mobile access
  • Marketing automation
  • Mobile access
  • Email marketing
  • Compliance management

Pricing at Solutionreach is custom based




Who uses Solutionreach?

The typical users and customers of Solutionreach are small businesses, freelancers, large enterprises, and mid-size businesses.

Does Solutionreach support multiple languages?

The default language for Solutionreach is the English language. However, in certain instances, it ensures that information is synced to allow users to create and assign messages in preferred languages.

Does Solutionreach enable easy integration?

Solutionreach easily integrates and connects with social media and other third-party platforms to fully automate tasks and generate data.

Is Solutionreach easy to use?

Solutionreach is a user-friendly communications software that builds and manages relationships with patients, optimizes staff time, and improves care outcomes.

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