A Silks horse is a WEB3 derivative Non-Fungible Token (NFT) connected to real-world thoroughbred race horses. The real-world racehorse training, character, traits, and offspring breeds are all linked to a Silks horse. Silks horse owners earn based on the activity of the real world thoroughbred horse.


Troy Levy

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  • Traits
  • Characters
  • Genes
  • Gamify
  • WEB3 Fantasy
  • Racing
  • P2E
  • Royalties
  • Quick Exchange
  • Training
  • Breed offspring

Silks horse is a decentralized (NFT), prices changes every 24 hours, traded preferable on Binance.




What is Play to Earn?

This refers to an avenue where users earn tokens as they play.

What is a Silks Avatar?

A silks Avatar is a Non-fungible token that represents your specific identity in the Silks ecosystem. To earn token on gameplay, you must own a Silks Avatar.

You can buy your Silks Genesis Avatar on OpenSea.

What is Tropical Racing?

Tropical Racing is a thoroughbred horse racing led by CEO and Silks CO-founder Troy Levy. A systematically created ecosystem that has the presence of a 130 million dollars thoroughbred horse racing industry.

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