Sellf is a cloud-based customer relationship management software. The product was designed for freelancers, B2B businesses with small sales teams, and solo salespeople to help build relationships, manage teams, and close deals.


Diego Pizzocaro, Franco Roman, Fabio Maran, Filippo Zanella


Sellf is a CRM software used by freelancers, solo salespersons, and B2B businesses with small teams. Its features include:

  • Contact management
  • Territory management
  • Lead management
  • Document storage
  • Segmentation¬†
  • Calendar System
  • Internal chat integration
  • Marketing automation
  • List management
  • Customer support
  • Project management
  • Product Catalog

Sellf offers a free plan and a free trial of its paid plans. While it has three pricing plans: Starter, Performance, and Enterprise, it is custom based. Users are to contact the sales team for a quote. Its price, however, is estimated to start from $4.99.




Is Sellf easy to use?

Sellf is cloud-based CRM software that is easy to use. It is intuitive, customizable, and simple to learn and adapt to, making it easy to find the information one might want.

Is Sellf expensive?

Sellf is mainly used by small organizations and is thus quite affordable. Although it adopts a custom-based pricing system, it is not as costly compared to other CRMs. Its price is estimated to start from $4.99.

Who uses Sellf?

The common users of Sellf are freelancers, B2B businesses with small sales teams, and solo salespersons to help build and sustain relationships, effectively manage teams, and close deals.

Does Sellf enable easy integration?

Sellf offers integration with commonly used workspace platforms to automate workflow and increase productivity.

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