Sailthru's jointed customer commitment solution is built to help marketers gain deeper insights into each consumer persona by delivering personalized and engaging experiences across mobile, email, web, and SMS. Sailthru works across mobile, email, web, and SMS.


Wellford Dillard

  • Managing Email Delivery
  • Automated Email Responses
  • Building Personalize Emails
  • Variety of Contents
  • Sharing
  • Reporting
  • ROI Analytics
  • Product Management
  • Landing Pages and Forms
  • Significant Segmentation

Sailthru is about $55-$160/Month; it depends on services.



Price Range



How safe is your individual privacy right as a Sailthru user?

A particular link for provision of Data Subject Rights is provided through Zendesk login.

How far can your data go as a Sailthru user?

Sailthru data travel as far as three countries United Kingdom, Australia, and United States.

How does Sailthru file and process your individual data?

Data agreement protocols were followed through, and the process involved privacy, security, legal and financial teams in ensuring due process involving technical and organizational control was observed.


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