Sage Intacct is a cloud-based accounting software. It provides financial solutions and helps users to handle financial activities with its cash management, inventory history, billing and invoicing system. Users can use Sage Intacct to streamline team workflow, achieve speed and accuracy while reducing workload.


Odysseas Tsatalos and David Chandler Thomas


Sage comes with a host of amazing features such as:

  • Accounts 
  • Purchasing Management. 
  • Cash Management. 
  • Built-In Reporting. 
  • Dashboards. 
  • Collaboration Tools. 
  • Additional Modules. 
  • Billing & Invoicing 
  • Project Accounting  
  • Invoice History 
  • Duplicate 
  • Payment Alert   
  • Multi-Location  
  • Marketing Automation
  • Processing 
  • Customizable 
  • Fields Donation 
  • Tracking 
  • Reimbursement  
  • Real Time Data  
  • Accounting  
  • Transaction History 

Sage comes with a 30- days free trial, its subscription plans are as follows:

  • Single User/Entity: from $15,000 a year for single users.
  • Multiple users/organizational platform: $60,000 or more for organizations needing to manage multiple entities, projects or contracts.


Price Range



Is Sage Intacct easy to use? 

Sage Intacct comes with an easy to use platform and features. It is flexible enough to allow users to customize tools as they personally need them.

Does Sage Intacct integrate easily with other applications? 

Sage integrates with 5000 other apps on Zapier. This integration allows processes such as credit control, online payments, automatic data capture etc.

How much does Sage Intacct cost? 

Sage Intacct costs start at $15,000 to $60,000 a year, depending on the number of users and complexity of your organization.

Is Sage Intacct secure?

Sage intacct is built on the oracle database platform. It also promises data backup security.


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