Rotageek is a cloud-based digital scheduling software that designs optimized rotas for mainstream businesses and healthcare organizations. It also predicts labor to match demand using AI technology.


Chris McCullough, Roy Pounder, Nick Mann


Rotageek is a digital scheduling software. Its features are:

  • Mobile access
  • Automated scheduling
  • Messaging
  • Employee database
  • Resource management
  • Payroll management
  • Employee management
  • reporting/analytics
  • Shift swapping
  • Time tracking

Rotageek is subscription based. Pricing, however, is custom based. Prospective users are to contact Rotageek for a quote.




Who uses Rotageek?

The typical users of Rotageek are medium-sized businesses and large enterprises.

Does Rotageek support multiple languages?

Rotageek supports Italian, Arabic, French, and English languages. Customers can view and transact businesses in these languages.

Does Rotageek enable easy integration?

Rotageek integrates with other payroll and HCM software and applications to help businesses further manage and track their time effectively.

Is Rotageek easy to use?

Rotageek, with its user-friendly and intuitive interface, is easy to use and navigate. It is also well-equipped with the neccessary features.

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