Quire is a visual and collaborative project management solution that simplifies complex goals by breaking them into smaller, bite-sized tasks. With Quire, users can create infinitely nested lists, making it effortless to break down big projects or tasks into smaller, manageable parts.


Kelly L. Stratton


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• Assignment Management

• Brainstorming

• Calendar Management

• Communication Management

• Content Management

• Deadline Management

• Document Storage

• Email Management

• Gantt/Timeline View

• Mobile Access

• Multiple Projects

• Project Planning/Scheduling

• Progress Tracking

• Real-time Updates

• Reporting/Analytics

• Resource Management

• Task Management

• Task Progress Tracking

• To-Do List



Quire offers the following pricing plans, which include:

Free: $0

Professional: $765 per member/month

Premium: $1395 per member/month

Enterprise: $1995 per member/month



Price Range



Does Quire support mobile devices?

Quire supports mobile devices, including Android, iPad, and iPhone.

Does Quire have an API?

Quire has an API.

What applications does Quire integrate with?

Quire integrates with the following applications; GitHub, Zapier, Google Drive, Slack, and Google Calendar.

Is Quire easy to use?

Quire is an easy-to-use software that provides visual updates of your various projects with up-to-date information and specifications. With Quire, your projects can progress faster.

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