PulseHRM is a cloud-based employee management software that simplifies HR workload for organizations. It helps with onboarding, payroll, applicant tracking, performance management, offboarding etc.


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Features of Pulse HRM include:

  1. Payroll Management 
  2. Project Management 
  3. Employee Monitor Software 
  4. Performance Management 
  5. Visitors Management 
  6. Onboarding and Offboarding 
  7. Leave Management
  8. Workflow Management 
  9. Applicant Tracking
  10. Employee Database 
  11. Third-Party Integrations 
  12. Compensation Management 
  13. Vacation / Leave Tracking 
  14. Employee Onboarding 
  15. Document Management 
  16. Recruitment Management 
  17. Email Integration 
  18. Expense Management
  19. Reimbursement Management. 

Pricing for Pulse HRM is unavailable at the moment. You can visit the website or contact the vendor to get pricing.



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How much does PulseHRM charge? 

Customers should contact PulseHRM for pricing information. 

Does PulseHRM allow integration? 

It integrates with biometrics, identity management, bank, hosting and health insurance devices.

Is PulseHRM easy to use? 

PulseHRM makes it easy for organizations to handle HR affairs efficiently. It is simple for users to use.

Does PulseHRM offer support? 

PulseHRM provides 24/7 support. Users can chat, send emails or call.


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