ProProfs Project is a virtual project management solution. It allows users and teams to organize projects, track progress, delegate tasks, create reports, collaborate, and many more. Proprofs is known to help users to streamline and simplify their daily business operations, thus, saving time.


Sameer Bhatia


The features of ProProf Projects are:

  • Client Portal
  • Collaboration tools
  • Task management
  • Prioritization
  • Milestone tracking
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Resource management
  • Project planning
  • Timeline view
  • Cost-to-completion tracking

ProProfs project offers a free trial of its software. Its pricing plans are:

  • Annual plan: $39.97/month
  • Monthly plan: $49.97 per month


Price Range



Does ProProf Projects support multiple languages?

English is the default language of ProProfs Projects. However, users can configure sites to display in other languages.

Is ProProfs Project easy to use?

ProProfs Project is a simple online project management software that allows users to organize multiple projects in a single system.

Is ProProfs Project expensive?

ProProfs Projects costs $39.97 per month on its annual pricing plan and $49.9 per month on its monthly plan. This price range is relatively affordable. It, however, offers a free trial.

Who uses ProProfs Project?

The common users of ProProfs Project are mid-sized companies with 51-1000 employees and the marketing and advertising industry.

Does ProProfs Project have good customer support?

ProProfs Project has a cloud-based customer support tool created to help businesses build and sustain cordial relationships with their clients.

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