Primetric enables companies to measure and forecast staff utilization and profitability across all projects. It provides real-time reports and insights powered by work logs and combines workload and allocation data with its direct influence on financial performance, all in a single system.


Andrew Anisiewicz, Arkadiusz Terpiłowski, Zbigniew Wantuła


The features of Primetric are:

  • Activity dashboard
  • Milestone tracking
  • Forecasting
  • Time tracking
  • Collaboration tools
  • Portfolio management
  • Employee database
  • Project management
  • Cash management
  • Data import & export
  • Notifications
  • Capacity management
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Expense tracking
  • Timesheet management
  • Change management
  • prioritization

Primetric starting price is $13 per user. It does not offer a free plan or a free trial.



Price Range



Is Primetric easy to use?

Primetric is seamless and easy to use. It is easy to set up and navigate, with just the right functionalities and a user-friendly interface.

Is Primetric expensive?

Primetric uses custom pricing for its software. Its starting price is $13 per user. This is quite affordable.

Does Primetric enable easy integration?

Primetric easily integrates with other workspace apps enabling users to combine workloads and automate workflow.

Does Primetric support multiple languages?

Currently, Primetric only supports the English language.

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