PrimePay is a one-stop payroll and human resource management solution designed to manage the people needs of growing businesses. With PrimePay, companies can now eradicate the administrative burden across the employee lifecycle, which is achieved through the automation and integration of critical services.


William J. Pellicano


The features of PrimePay include:

  • Multi-state
  • Tax compliance
  • Direct deposit
  • Payroll management
  • Benefits management
  • Wage garnishment
  • Finance analytics
  • HR management
  • Time tracking
  • Self-service payroll

For PrimePay, pricing is custom-based.




Who uses PrimePay?

PrimePay is an HCM solution that saves business owners time and resources by managing their payroll, HR, and tax services. It is used mainly by businesses with 1-5000+ employees.

Does PrimePay enable easy integration?

PrimePay integrates and connects with other software, making it easy for users to enroll and manage all their tasks in one system.

Is PrimePay easy to use?

PrimePay is easy to learn and use with its simple and intuitive interface. It also has the necessary features for users to attend to tasks.

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