Pipedrive is a Web-based Sales CRM and pipeline control solution that permits companies to devise their income sports and screen deals. Built the use of activity-based promoting methodology, Pipedrive streamlines each movement concerned in changing a capacity deal right into a hit


Timo Rein, Urmas Purde, Ragnar Sass ,Martin Henk, Martin Tajur

  • Sales software
  • Email Marketing Software
  • Market place integrations
  • Lead generation software
  • Web visitor tracking
  • Documents and templates

Essential- $9.90/per user/month/ billed annually

Advanced- $19.90/per user/month/ billed annually

Professional- $39.90/ per user/month/billed annually

Enterprise- $59.90/per user/ month/billed annually




Is Pipedrive secure?

Pipedrive is equipped with industry-grade protection protocols and offers features that are unparalleled in the industry for protecting data.

Is Pipedrive GDPR compliant?

As a result of GDPR, Pipedrive will ensure that personal information is adequately protected in the United States when it is transferred from Europe.

Does Pipedrive integrate with WhatsApp?

Yes. It does.

Does Pipedrive work with Gmail?

With Pipedrives’ easy-to-use interface and integration with Gmail, users can stay on top of deals and contacts without leaving their inbox.


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