Performly Intra is an Human Resource (HR) system that promotes internal communication within a company. This contributes to accelerating success in growth. It aims to improve collaboration, productivity, and socialization among company employees.


Hany Nabil

  • Applicant tracking
  • Benefits Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Employee database
  • Employee management
  • Employee profiles
  • Meeting management

Intra-$3/ per user/ per month

Talent-$4/per user/per month

Payroll-$1/per user/per month

Team+payroll-$1.5/per user/ per month

Enterprise+payroll+talent-$7/per user/per month



Price Range



How does performly intra's payroll work

Performly Intra-payroll reduces salary calculation process errors and uses the payment model to reduce the time, wage, and tax reservoir calculation through cloud service. To use peformly intra's payroll, you have to pay a fee of $1 is to be paid. Or it could be tried for free before deciding if it is something valuable to your agender

Is Performly Intra free?

Perfomly Intra has a 14-day free trial and also a free version.

What system of integration does Performly Intra Use?

Performly Intra's integration pattern is embedded in their payroll system, which can integrate into intranet and talent modules or external systems.

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