Paycom is a user-friendly and intuitive HR and employee-driven payroll solution that helps to improve employee productivity in a single software. It boosts efficiency, powers data integrity, and gives employees leverage over their HR information through a self-service app.


Chad Richison


Paycom features include:

  • Status tracking
  • Mobile access
  • Activity dashboard
  • Employee management
  • Compliance management
  • Performance metrics
  • Reporting/Statistics
  • Self-service portal
  • Task management

Paycom also provides custom pricing for its services.

Pricing (excluding base fee): $4–$6 per employee/paycheck*

Initial setup fee (15–40 employees): $500–$1,200



Price Range



What are the best use cases of Paycom?

Paycom is best used for payroll management, time and labor management, HR management, talent acquisition, and talent management.

Is Paycom secure?

Paycom guarantees that all critical systems and data are fully redundant and backed up in real-time to a second facility that meets the requirements of its primary location. Paycom is also formally audited and ISO and SOC–certified.

Is Paycom user-friendly?

Paycom is easy to use with a simple user interface that makes navigation straightforward, enabling employees to own their HR information.

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