OnlyOffice is a cloud-based collaborative corporate office solution. It has a collaborative 3-in-1 editing feature that is wholly compatible with MS formats, tools for managing documents and projects, CRM, calendar, communication features, and advanced security settings.


Lev Bannov


OnlyOffice is a 3-in-1 collaborative software. Its features include:

  • Project management
  • Calendar System
  • CRM
  • Task management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Scheduling
  • Contact management
  • Document storage
  • Online office suite
  • Customizable reports
  • Notification system

OnlyOffice has two pricing plans: free and a free trial of its only paid option. They are:

  • Startup: $0/user/month (5 users)
  • Businesses: $5/user/month (3 users)


Price Range



Who uses OnlyOffice?

The typical users of OnlyOffice are small businesses, non-profits, mid-size companies, freelancers, large enterprises, and public administration.

Is OnlyOffice easy to use?

OnlyOffice is easy to use, simple, intuitive, and well-optimized. It also facilitates collaboration and is suitable for beginners.

Does OnlyOffice support multiple languages?

OnlyOffice avails options for several languages for users that can be changed in the language settings.

Is OnlyOffice expensive?

OnlyOffice’s Startup plan is free for up to 5 users, although with limited features. The other paid plan, Business Plan, costs $5 per user per month, which is very affordable.

Does OnlyOffice enable easy integration?

OnlyOffice allows users to connect and integrate with the sync and share the software of their choice and other functionalities they might need.


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