Odoo CRM is an open source customer relationship management software. It integrates CRM, human capital management, inventory management, sales, project management. Odoo CRM allows teams to keep track of their top leads and opportunities and provides other pipeline management features.


Fabien Pinckaers

  • Project Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Live Chat
  • URL Trackers
  • Activities and Call Management
  • Pipeline Management
  • Customize Stages
  • Schedule Meeting
  • Logs Calls
  • Customers Preferences
  • Email Templates
  • Email Gateways
  • Custom Alerts
  • Dashboard
  • Cohort Analysis
  • CRM Dashboard
  • 360° Visibility
  • Import Leads -
  • Online Acquisition
  • Reduce data entry
  • Leads Scoring
  • Modern User Interface.

Odoo offers a 15-day free trial, it’s pricing plans are:

  • Annual plan: $8.00 a month per user, with a discount of $2.00 for a first time user. This results in $72.00 annually.
  • Monthly plan: $10 a month with a $2.50 discount for first time user which gives a total of $7.50 a month


Price Range



How much does Odoo CRM cost?

Odoo CRM starts at $8 per user with a discount of $2. Its pricing plans sit in the affordable range.

Is Odoo easy to use?    

Yes, it is. Odoo is an easy-to-use CRM with an amazing user interface and exciting dashboard. It easily adapts to your daily business routine and manages business accordingly.

Is Odoo able to integrate with other software? 

Odoo comes ready with integrated Apps for CRM, ecommerce, sales, pipeline management. The Odoo CRM enables you to connect with 5000+ Apps for easy automation.

How effective is the customer service support system at Odoo? 

Odoo provides customer service support via email and phone.

Is my data secure on Odoo? 

Odoo makes sure customer’s data is safe with database security, encrypted password security, system security and network defense.



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