Monitask is an employee management software that enhances teams' productivity, capabilities, and accountability. The product performs time tracking, payroll management, and project management functions.


Thomas Simon


Some of Monitask's features include:

  • Activity dashboard
  • Subtasks creation
  • Employee management
  • Payroll management
  • Productivity metrics
  • Project management
  • Scheduling
  • Time management
  • Reporting
  • Resource management

Monitask offers a free trial and a free version. Its paid pricing plans are:

  • Pro plan: $5.99/month/user
  • Business plan: $8.99/month/user
  • Enterprise plan: $19.99/month/user


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Is Monitask easy to use?

Monitask is an easy-to-use time management software created for companies of different sizes with remote teams such as freelancers, contractors, and remote workers.

What are the best use cases of Monitask?

Monitask is a time-tracking solution that performs automated timesheet functions and takes screenshots of employees’ workstations as evidence of work done. Employees are fully aware of this screenshot function and can control when the monitoring starts and stops.

Is Monitask secure?

Monitask ensures that the time-tracking and screenshot data is securely protected and encrypted using the 256-bit AES encryption.

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