Matomo  (formerly Piwik)  is an open-source web analytics software designed for startups and SMEs. The program provides comprehensive reports on websites and their users, including keywords, search engines, languages and downloaded files, as well as real-time updates. With Matomo, users can also optimize their content and assess its effectiveness.


Matthieu Aubry


Features of Matomo include:

• Customisable Dashboards

•Heatmap Analytics

• A/B Testing

• Goal Tracking

• User Segment

• Event Tracking

• Annotations

• Real-Time Updates

• Geolocation

• Custom Variable

• Content Tracking

• Dynamic Maps


Matomo has two pricing options which are: Cloud and On-Premise.  Cloud plan pricing starts at €19/month for 50,000 hits and it also offers a 21-day free Cloud trial for customers, whereas the On-Premise plan is available for download at €0.



Price Range



How secure is Matomo?

The Matomo platform places an emphasis on privacy protection, 100% data ownership, and the absence of data sampling.

What languages does Matomo support?

Matomo supports multiple languages and includes French, English, Czech, Spanish, Chinese,  Russian, Arab,  German, Hindi, and Finnish,  among others.

Does Matomo enable integration?

There are currently 100+ technologies that can be seamlessly integrated with Matomo, including Content Management Systems, Online Shops, Forums, Frameworks, and so on. Among them are WordPress, PeerTube, Java, HikaShop, etc.

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