Marketo is a marketing automation software that helps B2B organizations manage their marketing activities. It offers B2B marketing, account-based marketing, lead nurturing and automation, lead scoring, real-time personalization, and other features.


David Morandi, Jon Miller and Philip Fernandez.


Marketo has the following features:

  • Marketing Automation.
  • B2B marketing & lead management.
  • Consumer Engagement Marketing.
  • Email & campaign management.
  • Lead Scoring 
  • Real-time Personalization.
  • Account-Based Marketing 
  • Personalize messages across channels.
  • Marketing Management.
  • Budgets & marketing calendar.
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Up-Sell and Cross-Sell
  • Loyalty Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Event Marketing
  • Measure & Optimise ROI
  • Lead Nurturing 
  • Campaign Channel
  • Lead Management 
  • Analytics 

Marketo offers a free trial. Its pricing plan:

  • Starter: $859.00 Per month


Price Range



Does Marketo allow integration? 

Marketo integrates with Zapier, Instapage, Salesforce, and Outreach easily. 

How much does Marketo charge? 

Marketo charges $859.00 per month. Payment can be monthly or annually. 

Is Marketo easy to use? 

It is user-friendly. Its user interface is easy to use, and users can seamlessly navigate the system to find whatever they need.

Does Marketo offer customer support? 

Users can contact Marketo via email, Twitter, or phone. They can also visit the Support Portal for more help.

Is Marketo secure? 

Marketo uses an HTTPS system and makes sure data is encrypted. Marketo security systems are constantly reviewed and upgraded for better security measures.

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