Kudos is an  employee recognition platform. It empowers peer - to - peer communication, team collaboration and employee engagement in order to boost productivity and performance. Kudos provides collaboration and file sharing tools, and helps to measure employee performance metrics.


Muni Boga


Some exciting features of Kudos include:

  • Budgeting        
  •  Document Management 
  • Event Management 
  •  Knowledge Management 
  • Performance Management 
  •  Health Management 
  • Lead Management 
  •  Performance Metrics 
  • Collaboration Tools 
  • File Sharing 
  •  Real Time Reporting 
  •  Feedback Management 
  • Goal Management 
  • Goal Setting / Tracking
  • Activity Tracking 
  •  Analytics -
  •  Incentive Management - 
  • Customizable Templates 
  •  Cultural Alignment 
  •  Employee Alignment 
  • Employee Awards
  •  Rewards Program 
  • Social Recognition
  •  Badge Management
  •  Member Portal 
  • Rewards Management  
  • Gamification.

Kudos offers a 30-days free trial. its  pricing plans are:

Plus : $5.oo Per month/user
Enterprise : $7.00 Per Month /User.



Price Range



Does Kudos offer Support?

You can connect to customer care for support via  email, ticketing system , 24/7 live representative  and phone to assist you with any question you have .

Is Kudos secure?

Kudos is a cloud based software, all data being stored in the cloud . It uses a data security infrastructure is ISO 27001  certified. 

Does Kudos allow integration? 

Kudos integrates with a lot of apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, Paylocity  etc. in order to give users an  awesome experience. 

How much does Kudos charge?

Kudos has two pricing plans which are ; Plus- $ 5.00 Per User /Month and Enterprise - $7.00 Per User/Month.

Is Kudos easy to use? 

The Kudos software is easy to operate with minimal need for instruction.


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