Kajabi is a content marketing software. It offers users and small and mid-sized businesses a single and centralized system where they can sell, market, and deliver product content.


Kenny Rueter


The following are features of Kajabi:

  • Client Portal
  • Activity dashboard
  • Assessment management
  • Cataloging
  • Communication management
  • Compliance management
  • Website management
  • Third-party integrations
  • Scheduling
  • Promotions management
  • Ecommerce management
  • Mobile access
  • Multi-currency
  • Landing pages
  • Lead management
  • File management
  • Email management
  • Email marketing
  • Document management
  • Drag & drop
  • Design management
  • Data import/export
  • Customer management
  • Course publishing
  • Content management
  • Video hosting

Kajabi offers a free trial of its paid plans. Pricing is categorized into the following:

  • Basic: $119/month
  • Growth: $159/month
  • Pro: $319/month


Price Range



Does Kajabi support multiple languages?

The default language for the software is English. However, it allows the selection of any preferred language in the language settings.

Does Kajabi enable easy integrations?

Kajabi easily integrates, connects, and syncs data with other platforms. With this, users can easily connect everything about their business.

Is Kajabi easy to use?

Kajabi is easy to learn and use. It is user-friendly and has numerous advanced features that make work easier.

Is Kajabi expensive?

Kajabi offers a free version for a specified number of days. Pricing for Kajabi starts from $119 per month, which is quite expensive.

Does Kajabi have good customer support?

Kajabi has a live chat support team that is fast, knowledgeable, and user-friendly. They are swift in answering users who are in need.


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