Jobvite is a robust talent acquisition software that provides recruiters, hiring agencies, and organizations with tools for recruitment, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding. Jobvite offers efficient applicant tracking software (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities to streamline the hiring process. It also provides advanced features such as video screening, advanced analytics, and seamless integration with many other HR systems.


Hans Larsen, Jesper Schultz



• Boolean Search


• Customizable Fields

• Email Marketing

• Employee Database

• Job Requisition

• Live Video Interview

• Reporting/Analytics

• Resume Database

• Resume Parsing

• Third-Party Integrations

• Workflow Management


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Does Jobvite have good customer service?

Jobvite customer service is prompt in responding to customers’ queries, and the application itself is quite user-friendly.

Is Jobvite easy to use?

Jobvite is a user-friendly hiring software that provides you with ease of use, especially as an applicant. Applying to jobs via Jobvite provides you with insights into the hiring process, for example:

Its "screened" status means that the recruiter has viewed your resume.

Its “In-process” status means that the company is reviewing your application.

Its “closed” status means that the job posting has been closed.

Jobvite allows hiring teams to post jobs to their social media platforms with a click, thus helping them save time and effort.

Does Jobvite have applicant tracking software?

Yes, Jobvite has applicant tracking software (ATS).




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