Freedcamp is a user-friendly online software for managing various projects. It has one of the most unified sets in the industry while allowing users to install the ones they need. Freedcamp also offers new user interfaces that minimize the time required to work on projects.


Angel Grablev


The following are Freedcamp's features:

  • Task management
  • Project scheduling
  • Issue management
  • Milestone tracking
  • Collaboration tools
  • Color codes
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Kanban board
  • Traditional methodologies
  • Agile methodologies

Freedcamp offers a free plan and a free trial of its paid versions. Its pricing plans are:

  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $1.49/user/month (annual billing) or $2.49 (monthly billing)
  • Business: $7.49/user/month (annual billing) or $8.99 (monthly billing)
  • Enterprise: $16.99/user/month (annual billing) or $19.99 (monthly billing)


Price Range



Does Freedcamp support multiple languages?

Freedcamp support French, English, German, Croatian and Russian languages. It is used in over 80 countries and thus offers an interface in several languages.

Does Freedcamp enable easy integration?

Freedcamp easily and instantly integrates with numerous workspace tools automating business workflows and allowing users to work faster and better.

Is Freedcamp easy to use?

Freedcamp is easy to navigate and use. It lets teams efficiently collaborate on projects. It offers several features that are very easy to use.

Is Freedcamp expensive?

Freedcamp offers a free version. Its starting price is $1. 49 per user per month. It is very affordable. It also offers free trials of its paid plans.

Is Freedcamp secure?

Freedcamp uses AWS to host its data which also has a robust privacy policy, thus protecting personal and professional data from internal and external threats.

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