eWay CRM is a Microsoft Outlook Plug-in that assists organizations in managing their contacts, Sales, customers, and marketing. The platform helps users have uninterrupted workflows. eWay CRM also provides lead generation, email marketing, and workflow management features.


Roman Stefko and Jan Lalinsky


eWay-CRM has some exciting features, such as:

  • Contact Management
  • Lead Management 
  • Interaction Tracking 
  •  Document Storage 
  •  Calendar / Reminder System 
  •  Sales Pipeline Management 
  •  Mobile Access 
  • Contact Database 
  • Workflow Management 
  •  Task Management 
  • Marketing Automation  
  • Referral Tracking 
  •  Email Management 
  • Budget Management 
  •  Billing /Invoicing 
  • Collaboration Tools. 

Eway-com offers a free trial and version. Its pricing plan is:

  • Basic : $24 Per User / Month
  • Essential: $28 Per User / Month
  • Enterprise : $38 Per User / Month


Price Range



Does eWay CRM integrate with other software? 

eWay CRM integrates with software like Outlook, Microsoft Office, WordPress, TeamViewer, and many others to make the work easier and uninterrupted. 

Is eWay CRM easy to use?

It is swift and easy to manage and implement. It offers a free trial and version for users to get acquainted with the process.

Is eWay CRM affordable?

 Yes, it is. It has different pricing plans based on the user's choice. Payment can be annually or monthly, depending on the user.

Is eWay CRM safe? 

eWay-CRM is reliable and secure. All data is backed into the cloud instantly. eWay-CRM has Cloudflare security, SSL encryption, and Compliance with GDPR and ISO 27001.

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