Buffer is a social media management software. It helps businesses gain valuable engagements and results on social media. Furthermore, it helps with the planning and scheduling of contents, results analysis, and audience engagements boosting effective and efficient workflow.


Joel Gascoigne, Leo Widrich


The following are features of Buffer that help you to monitor and boost organic traffic on social media:

  • Content management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Automated publishing
  • Campaign management
  • Social promotion
  • Social media integration
  • ROI tracking
  • Results analysis
  • Keyword filtering
  • Post scheduling

Buffer offers a free plan to manage up to three social media channels. Its paid version has the following categories:

  • Essential: $5/month/channel
  • Team: $10/month/channel
  • Agency: $100/month/10 channels


Price Range



Is Buffer easy to use?

Buffer allows users to easily share and add content from multiple sources. After integrating social media accounts, Buffer makes it easy to create new posts within the app. It also automatically disallows combinations that are not possible. 

Is Buffer expensive?

Buffer has four pricing plans which range from $0 to $100, and is relatively affordable. It also offers a free trial of all its paid plans. The free plan is very basic and offers 3 social channels. 

Does Buffer allow easy integrations?

Buffer enables easy integration with over 60 apps, extensions, and many more. This process makes jobs more accessible and increases productivity. 

Does Buffer have good customer support?

Buffer prioritizes good customer support. While they don't have customer service representatives, they have Happiness Heroes and Weekend Warriors, which are primarily reactive teams that make every interaction unique, memorable, and as happy as possible. 


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