Bloomreach is a single system that merges the strength of an email service provider, marketing automation, customer data, AI, and web personalization so users can build marketing campaigns across channels that generate revenue.


Raj De Datta


The features of Bloomreach are:

  • API
  • Activity dashboard
  • Personalization
  • Data integration
  • Predictive modeling
  • Campaign management
  • Alerts system
  • Brand management
  • Content management
  • ROI tracking
  • Marketing automation
  • Mobile access
  • Document management
  • SEO management
  • Third-party integration
  • Segmentation 



Bloomreach uses a custom pricing system. Pricing depends on the number of customers an organization needs to serve, the size of the product catalog, and the number of events to be executed. Its estimated pricing price, however, is $4000



Price Range



Is Bloomreach easy to use?

Bloomreach is relatively straightforward to use. It takes a bit of getting used to but gets easier over time.

Is Bloomreach expensive?

Bloomreach is expensive as it is estimated to start at $4000. This makes it only affordable for large enterprises. The pricing is customized according to; the size of a business’ product catalog, the number of consumers to be served, and the number of events to be executed.

Does Bloomreach support multiple languages?

Bloomreach allows users to view and transact the same content in different languages and currencies. It currently supports over 30 languages.

Is Bloomreach secure?

Bloomreach performs regular checkups to ensure high-level security is maintained. It also ensures all endpoint devices are secured according to the Endpoint Security Policy.

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