BlackLine is a solid cloud-based finance and automation solution that performs real-time automation tasks to give accounting and finance teams power over their operations. It positively transforms and modernizes the accounting process while providing room for productivity.


Therese Tucker


BlackLine is a cloud-based financial and accounting software. Its features are:

  • profit/loss statement
  • Multi-currency
  • Financial reporting
  • General ledger
  • Forecasting
  • Income & balance sheet
  • Cash flow management
  • Audit trail
  • Payroll management
  • Tax management
  • Fixed asset management
  • CPA firms
  • Billing & invoicing

BlackLine provides custom pricing for its software. It does not offer a free plan.




Is blackLine easy to use?

BlackLine is relatively easy to use, user-friendly, and a game changer for balancing sheets.

Does BlackLine support multiple languages?

BlackLine supports 16 languages and multiple currencies. The exact contents are available in different languages, and payments can be made in preferred currencies.

Does BlackLine enable easy integration?

BlackLine allows seamless integration with other popular platforms to automate workflow and create more time for users to be productive with other tasks.

Is BlackLine an ERP?

BlackLine is ERP-agnostic and highly compatible with over 30 leading source systems, consequently allowing the software to be applied to a wide range of finance and accounting operations.

Who uses BlackLine?

The typical users of BlackLine are public administrations, mid-size businesses, large enterprises, and non-profit organizations.

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