Answer the Public is a search listening tool that allows businesses to gain insights into their brand mentions across the web. The software collates, tracks optimized SEO, and points you to the critical questions asked by the general public. It provides valuable consumer insights that help you create content people want.

It listens to autocomplete data from search engines and hones out useful phrases to coin the perfect keyword. AnswerThePublic helps to track public sentiments, competitor analysis, promotions metrics, reputation management, and many more, all from a unified platform.


Mohammed Khan


Features of Answer the Public include:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Content management
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword ranking
  • Web Listening
  • Consumer insights
  • Unlimited daily searches
  • High-res images to present insights
  • Team workspace
  • Data comparison
  • SEO insights

Answer the Public provides the following pricing plans:

  • Monthly: $99 Per Month
  • Annual: $79 Per Month
  • Expert: $ 199 Per Month


Price Range



Is Answer the Public affordable? 

Answer the Public provides three pricing schemes to suit you or your organization. It has both pro and listening alert features.

Is Answer the Public easy to use? 

Its user interface is relatively easy to navigate and use. Answer the Public provides users with accessible SEO features.

What customer support does Answer the Public offer? 

Answer the Public offers priority customer service. The team is on-hand to provide fast and friendly customer support once you get confused.


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