Albacross is a B2B lead generation software. It is also a web analytics platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses with lead generation and enables them to track existing online traffic. Albacross also offers first-party Intent Data to further help understand one’s audience, discover unseen prospects, and many more.


Jakub Grzesiak, Victor Ekelund


The features of Albacross are:

  • Social media integration
  • Prospecting tools
  • Engagement tracking
  • CRM
  • Data import/export
  • Activity tracking
  • Lead generation
  • Contact database
  • Lead segmentation
  • Visitor tracking

Pricing for Albacross is custom based.




Does Albacross enable easy integration?

Albacross easily and instantly integrates with numerous applications and software that are commonly used in the workspace.

Is Albacross easy to use?

Albacross is easy to use and is saddled with useful features that give great functionality. It is also very intuitive and user-friendly.

Who uses Albacross?

The typical users of Albacross are small businesses, large enterprises, and mid-size businesses.

Does Albacross support multiple languages?

Albacross currently only supports the English language. It does not support other languages.


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