ADP is a global provider of cloud-based human capital management solutions that combine Human Resource assistance, payroll, tax, talent, time, and administrative benefits for businesses. This also includes analytics and compliance tracking of employees.


Henry Tuab


• Talent
• Recruiting and Hiring
• Management and Growth
• HR Outsourcing
• Employee Benefits
• Tax
• HR Services
• Business Insurance
• Employee Time Tracking
• Workforce management
• Payroll Software


The Essential plan is $59/Month +  $4 per employee for payroll users only



  • Does a small business need HR?

    Yes, HR is essential for any size organization, but much small business lacks dedicated resources. ownersOwners, management, and other employees often take on Human Resources (HR) responsibilities without the necessary training. This type of management within the business can be costly, with violations and poor job performance. To help avoid such situations, employers can outsource trusted HR experts like ADP.

  • Why do small businesses outsource HR?

    Outsourcing HR by small businesses allows them to grow their business, get compliance help and takes off administrative burdens. ADP offers such comprehensive services with proven technology.

  • What does HR do in small businesses?

    There are many responsibilities of an Human Resources HR in small businesses, such as:

Recruiting new hires

Resolve employee disputes and conflict

Oversee employee training and performance

Management regulatory compliance

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