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Attending to the daily needs of customers is a big call that comes with running an online business. When customers make demands for your services or products, failing to promptly deliver gravely affects customer satisfaction.

The goal of an online business is to meet the never-ending demand that arises as a consequence of global accessibility. People in different time zones may request your services while you are having dinner at home. 

So irrespective of the working hours in your local time, requests will roll in round the clock. It then would appear to be that customers do not go to sleep and expect your business to always be open.

If you have a slow response rate, the chances of losing your customers to competitors with faster response rates are high. And as an online business that stands to benefit from the global economy, keeping customers waiting reduces profitability. 

Below I will share some fantastic ideas on how you can speed up your response rate and convert traffic to cash with a product called Certainly.

About Certainly

Certainly offers AI conversational chatbots that allow e-commerce businesses like yours to automate their response to customers 24/7, with or without the presence of humans.

Their tools function efficiently so you don’t need to break the bank to hire many hands. 

What Are AI Chatbots?

The best AI chatbots comprise computerized programs set up in a way that keeps you engaged with customers by responding to natural language in real-time without interruption.

They facilitate easier online interactions with users by providing prompt answers to their questions, which makes customers open to the propositions of your brand.

Ecommerce Customer Support Through Chatbots

Chatting is the most common means of communication. The report of a concluded survey showed that 41% of customers prefer live chat as a means of interacting with customer support teams as opposed to other feedback channels. 

Having customer service agents respond to online requests while also replying to every customer comment will cause you to spend more to hire more hands, which might result in little or no improvement in your customer support.

AI Chatbot is the game-changer for ecommerce as it functions as a virtual assistant and can converse instantaneously. It automates communication across digital platforms and aids a seamless user experience for customers on the web. 

About three-quarter of top global financial service firms has implemented chatbots since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic to retain customers for business growth.

Types of Chatbots

We live in an interconnected world where people spend quality time on interactive platforms. And many customers find chatbots fascinating.

As a customer, there are two types of chatbots you interact with online: 

  • Rule-based chatbots.
  • Artificial Intelligence chatbots. 

The rule-based Chatbot responds to specific commands according to a structured conversational design while AI chats are more dynamic and instructional.

How AI Chatbots Work

AI Chatbots work with a series of instructions and algorithms. It is a software application having a database and APIs connected to external administrations. 

These chatbots are programmed to render customer support by providing sufficient information. And they have cloud-enabled deep learning neural networks to fetch data from primary sources. Also, they operate using patterns simulated by their administrators. 

As an e-commerce owner, you can integrate the best chatbots on your websites, CRM, ERPs, and other marketing software to aid user experience for customers on your platforms. 

The best chatbots can recognize specific keywords written by the users and respond to them accordingly. However, there more ways to increase ecommerce Sales with Certainly AI Chatbots.

AI Chatbots Statistics

 1. 24% of enterprises, 15% of mid-sized companies, and 16% of SMEs use chatbots for customer support. (Spiceworks

 2. In 2015, the global chatbots market was valued at $ 88.3m. There is an expectation that between 2016 to 2023 will be an exponential growth of the Chatbot market. (Credence Research)

 3. 48% of businesses use automation technology for business functions (Business Insider)    

 4. 79% of consumers like live chat support because it allows them to get quick responses. (Econsultancy

 5. There is a 73% increase in customer satisfaction level for customer service channels using live chat, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone. (Econsultancy)  

6. 30% of business operating costs are reduced when using Chatbots. (Source)

 7. 1.4 billion people use messaging apps and are willing to communicate with chatbots. (Acquire

8. The adoption of Chatbots saw a 92% increase since 2019. (Drift

Certainly Conversational AI Chatbot – Explained.

Certainly offers a Conversational AI chatbot builder service that allows users to get help with customer service, shopping assistance for visitors, and communicate with customers based on their interests. 

These are more advanced features than the best chatbots you will find anywhere else for your business.

Certainly For Your E-commerce

Certainly chatbots offer several opportunities for e-commerce. For example, you can Upsell products, answer FAQs, and more. 

In this section, I explained some benefits and the purpose they serve.

1. Promotes Cross-selling

Certainly automatically cross-sells products by providing consumers with products that can fulfill needs similar to a previous purchase. So you won’t have to worry about recommending complementary products to your customers when you want them to buy more. Certainly handles that for you.

2. Promotes Upselling

With Certainly on your e-commerce, you don’t have to bother about providing customers with options that help them make knowledgeable product choices. Instead, Certainly anticipates customers’ needs, aids customer satisfaction, and reduces churns in marketing.

3. Provides Multilangual Support

Certainly helps you handle communication barriers with customers. So you don’t have to worry about selling to people who don’t speak your native language. Because Certainly makes it possible to understand all languages through its conversational AI chatbots.

4. Takes a Multichannel Approach

Unlike other tools that support just one channel, Certainly allows you to integrate its features across several channels. So, for example, you can incorporate Certainly on your CRM, website, and several other platforms.

5. Handles Product returns

Certainly makes it easy to track customers’ feedback and act on them. So you have fewer worries when customers want to return products based on your return/refund policy because you already know why and can follow up with them.

6. Answers FAQs

Certainly gives your customers instant response to questions whenever they need clarifications about your product or service delivery. Meanwhile, you can also update your FAQs based on previous customers’ requests without delay.

Chatbots Use Cases for Businesses

A large number of businesses have used AI Chatbots to improve their customer delivery. With increased sales, ROI, and customer satisfaction, chatbots offer unbelievable opportunities for online businesses. 

Different case studies you can learn from to help you adopt the best chatbots that fit your needs.

1. Tiger of Sweden Case Study

When Tiger of Sweden wanted to improve their customer support, they needed an innovation that would be smart and suitable to their existing business system. The solution was to establish a customer support system that will provide a fast, automated, and accurate answer to customers’ questions.

Tiger of Sweden Taps Certainly 

They used Certainly conversational AI chatbots as their virtual assistant. And their customer support system became more practical, sales increased while inbound email and phone calls decreased by 50%.

2. MongoDB Case Study

MongoDB incorporated live chat into their Customer Support because the sales team was limited by time and space in responding to all live chats. The group needed more hands to respond to customers’ conversations.

So the Director of Demand of MongoDB discovered that a messaging tool could help scale the business and increase the volume of conversations and increase Sales Accepted Leads (SALs).

The team decided to use Chatbot in their customer support service. Having used Chatbot, MongoDB increased their leads by 70% and increased message response by 100%.

3. Slush Case Study

Slush, a non-profit movement, organized an event in 2017. The event was for entrepreneurs willing to get connected with investors in Helsinki. 

So the team needed a call support team to help thousands of people navigate their way around the stands, meetings, and discussions for the 48-hour event.

They decided to use an AI chatbot to handle the call support service. As a result, the AI chatbot handled up to 67% of chat conversations in that year, which brought about a reduction in the workload of the Slush info team. In addition, the AI chatbot provided 24/7 chat support for the event. 

Increasing ecommerce sales with Certainly AI Chatbots

Since Certainly has advanced features that enhance customer service delivery in ways that boost conversion rate, gather leads, drive sales, ensure customers retention, and more. 

Here are some ways Certainly can accelerate sales for your ecommerce business. 

1. Boost Conversion Rate

Certainly conversational AI chatbot helps you keep your website visitors engaged in a way that increases their chances of making a purchase. 

If a company receives 500 visitors on its website and 100 people make a purchase. That pegs the conversion rate at 20%. Certainly helps you keep track of the remaining 80% to increase your conversion rate. Because if there is an increase in conversion, there will be an increase in the conversion rate. 

2. Engage Customers

Since Certainly AI chatbot can keep your customers engaged, it automatically reduces the workload on your team. 

Certainly conversational AI chatbots have 25.000+ pre-made sentences, multilingual AI to detect any customer language, and automated responses in all languages. 

Using this AI chatbot, the language barrier is nonexistent in conversations. Communication can be passed across effectively since the bots can communicate in different languages.

The AI chatbot can also understand the user’s intent regardless of spelling and grammar errors. For example, Certainly uses integration like Crowdin to communicate with customers in a cross-language setup. 

Crowdin has features that help users keep valuable conversations, these includes:

  • Online translation editor
  • Voting and proofreading
  • QA checks
  • Glossary

Also, integration with Microsoft, Certainly offers features like:

  • All languages leveraging Azure Translator API
  • A two-way flow of information from your bots to PowerBI and use your database for informed decisions.
  • Automation through Microsoft Flow.

3. Gather Qualified Leads

Leads are business prospects who may eventually get converted and make sales. Chatbots on websites can collect information from leads. And there are various integrations on Certainly Conversational AI chatbots that can help in lead generation.

Zendesk integration with Certainly allows you to stay in contact with your customers across several channels. The integration enables you to utilize features such as:

  • Chat 
  • Support 
  • Guide 
  • Sales CRM software

4. Enhances Customer Journey   

A lot of time, people surf the internet to get information about what they want. Getting information about a product can be stressful for customers and could prolong a customer’s journey.

But savvy marketers utilize various tools to give their customers the best experience. With a study showing that 74% of consumers are likely to buy based on experiences alone, using an AI chatbot on your e-commerce can do your business so much good. 

Certainly AI chatbots are efficient in enhancing the customer journey.

5. Drive Sales and Track Orders

Certainly conversational AI chatbots can help in driving sales and in keeping track of orders.

You can integrate Certainly on CRM platforms like Hubspot, Pipedrive,  and more. When combined, Certainly will generate a support ticket for the customer, which customers can use to track orders. 

You can store the ID of the ticket generated in a custom variable. Using Hubspot, companies can drive their sales and track orders.

6. Customer Retention

Certainly conversational AI chatbot aids customer retention for your e-commerce. For example, you can include automated responses that advise customers not to cancel subscriptions and offer alternative solutions to their challenges.

If your offer appears convincing to them, they might reconsider and continue to do business with you. That way, you reduce the risk of losing customers to your competitors.

Wrapping it Up

Certainly AI chatbots provide solutions to customer support problems. However, it also relieves the workload on your team and can answer up to 80% of all standard questions. 

With varieties of integration to enhance your e-commerce, you can save time, energy, and cost. This solution will make your e-commerce website standard and, at the same time, save you resources with an increase in sales.

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