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Working with a team with different personalities can lead to outbursts and frustration. Moreso, getting your team on the same page is back-breaking. A survey by Gallup shows only 60% of workers know what is expected of them at work. 

Productive teams depend on teamwork for a delightful experience. That’s why successful managers use productivity tools like Calendly to schedule and assign tasks to their teams. 

If you spend 10-12 minutes planning your day, you’ll save up to 2 hours of your time while boosting your team’s productivity.

Calendly allows you to supervise all your activities. You can monitor sales, schedule review meetings, and share resources. The opportunities are endless.

If you stick to this article, you will find all the answers on how to enhance your team’s performance with Calendly.

Statistics on Remote Work And Productivity 

Here are some fascinating statistics on employees, organization leaders, and business perception of remote work.

  • 80% of organisations plan to allow employees to work remotely or part time after the pandemic. (Source)
  • 47% organisations will allow employees to work from home full-time.
  • 78% leaders believe remote collaboration is here to stay for the long-term. (Source)
  • Businesses lose $600 billion a year to workplace distractions. (Source
  • 94% of surveyed employers reported WFG boost productivity. (Source)
  • 37% of remote workers say the best way to boost productivity is to take regular breaks. (Source)

What Does Calendly Do?

Calendly is a scheduling tool that helps you manage your time, resources and gives you total control over your systems and processes. 

It allows you to control the number of tasks each team member receives and ensures proportionate distribution or participation of those tasks.

With Calendly you can control how your team gets booked, standardize your scheduling process, oversee team activity, strengthen team communication and manage your relationship with customers.

Statistics on Calendly Adoption

Here are some exciting statistics on the adoption of Calendly.

How Calendly Works for Remote Teams

Despite the availability of time tracking tools, only 17% of people use them. This is due to concerns about users’ privacy and organizational culture. 

But, with Calendly you have nothing to worry about. In fact, Calendly has over 10 million monthly users, and over 170, 000 websites owners use it. 

Calendly helps remote teams by providing an avenue for smooth performance of the following tasks: 

1. Manage Schedules

With Calendly, customers can easily pick slots and schedule meetings with a member of your team. 

You can also distribute meetings among team members based on availability, and set up both new and old team members with useful event types.

2. Confirmation

Calendly helps to send reminders in the form of email or text to increase the turn-up rate for your events. This provides you and your team members with enough time to prepare. 

If there is a need for it, you can also add extra time before or after the event/meeting to ensure that the meeting is a success. 

3. Recruitment 

You can schedule interviews more efficiently with Calendly. Calendly allows you to automate reminders, get custom intake questions, route meeting details to your database and even customize landing page pages for candidates. Each candidate can choose their preferred time without interference. 

4. Sales 

By integrating Calendly on your website and CRM, you can instantly engage qualified leads, speed up your channels and boost your team’s conversion. Over 170, 000 websites are already leveraging this feature. 

5. Payment

With Calendly, you can make a single report that covers all users’ subscriptions data, eliminating the cost of creating reports. 

Also, its integration feature allows you to integrate tools like Paypal, Stripe, and so on, to help you manage the payment from customers.

Increase Your Remote Team’s Productivity

Managers are consistently improving their internal processes to get a favorable outcome.

Here are some signposts to watch:

1. Communication 

Inadequate communication slows down a team’s productivity. So if you work in a remote team, you must consistently communicate effectively. In fact, 17% of remote workers identify this as a big challenge. 

Team members need to understand their tasks, duties, responsibilities as well as the desired outcome expected from each action they take. 

Calendly makes this possible. It allows you to schedule meetings at intervals to stay up to date. 

2. Check-In

There is a need for daily check-in among your team members. This can be done through emails, text, and video conferencing. 

This helps reduce any sense of isolation that may occur among team members and is particularly helpful when it comes to discussing sensitive matters. 

3. Flexibility

Every team member is different, so you should consider everyone’s situation. 

Remote teams work from home, cafes and so many other places. So you need to know how and where every member works. 

4. Share Resources

For remote teams to increase their productivity, there is a need to share resources. This ranges from laptops, wifi, to various technologies that enhance connectivity. 

Some members of your team may not be able to afford these resources themselves, so you need to make them available. 

5. Social Interactions

In a study by Buffer, 19% of workers believe working remotely causes loneliness. Remote workers have a way of making team members feel socially excluded, that’s you should organize social interaction programs for your team. 

This could be virtual office parties and more. Also, the first few minutes of every team meeting should be dedicated to catching up on various non-office-related activities.

Enchancing Remote Team Productivity With Calendly 

The success of your team depends on the effective use of time, resources, and information. Your team needs to master the art of time management to increase efficiency. 

Here are some ways to reach your goals. 

1. Round Robin Task Scheduling

Calendly allows you to assign tasks to each team member.  If you’re looking to give a task to a group of people, Round Robin helps you check out their availability, priority and helps you ensure that the task is equally distributed. 

Productivity can be slowed down when invitees don’t feel comfortable with their team members. This is why Round Robin events enable your invitees to meet with your team faster so they can get comfortable which in turn helps boost productivity. 

2. Learning and Development Programs

Your HR and Employee Development team can use Calendly to schedule capacity-building sessions across several departments. Learning and Development programs keep your team up to date on the best industry practices.

3. Delegation

Calendly helps to manage your team’s capabilities by providing a feature that allows team leads to easily make changes on various tasks and roles.

You can also assign tasks that need more than one person’s input, contribution, or signature to a group. 

Take hiring, for instance, recruiters can easily screen candidates and hand them over to hiring managers to take over.

4. Get Feedback

If you are looking to improve your processes through Feedback, then Calendly has you covered.

With Calendly you can schedule feedback meetings with both employees and customers. The product has functions that allow you to record key takeaways during meetings. 

5. Collective Scheduling

You can collaborate with Calendly in a way that keep your team on track. 

Calendly shows your invitees the time when selected team members will be available, making it easy for everyone to attend important meetings. 

6. Assign Duties in Shifts

Delegating tasks in shifts helps you maximize your team’s potentials without putting too much pressure on one person.

Calendly helps you assign different time slots to different members to optimize availability. It prevents burnout.

7. Sorting

Having important data at your fingertips is one sure way to manage your team effectively. 

Calendly allows you to sort data with one click, search for any user, respond to pending invitations as quickly as possible. You can also find out when you added someone to your schedule.

8. Scheduling Page 

You can create a landing page on your website where visitors can schedule product demo with your sales team.

Also, customers can schedule meetings with any team member based on their availability. Plus you can hide the Calendly branding that comes with this scheduling page. 

9. Team Reporting

Calendly native reporting makes it easy for you to track your meetings and campaigns as well as their success. 

10. Conduct Daily Check-ins

Since team leaders no longer get daily office time with employees, you can create a daily check-in routine with Calendly to foster connections and help your team set priorities. This can be one-on-one or held among small groups.

The product has functions that allow you to customize your reports with exported data and also filter your meetings.

11. Manage Deadlines

Calendly allows you to manage deadlines by sending reminders and notifications to team your team members when you assign tasks to them.

12. Billings

Calendly makes billing easier. It allows owners or admins to update billing details, make payments and even buy more seats for the team.

Software You Can Integrate With Calendly 

Calendly works well with several sales, CRM, collaboration, and marketing tools.

You can start by learning about these ones:

1. Zoom with Calendly

Connecting Zoom with Calendly helps you automatically generate details for every meeting scheduled. 

This helps you easily reschedule or cancel meetings and provides this update to your team members or invitees.

2. Hubspot with Calendly

Integrating Hubspot with Calendly helps you create leads, contacts whenever a meeting is scheduled.

It also helps you collect information that is gotten from custom questions and adds them to Hubspot contact.

3. Microsoft Teams with Calendly

Microsoft Teams + Calendly helps you create a new team meeting whenever someone schedules with you,  this makes it easy to connect virtually. 

You can reschedule or cancel meetings with no worries as the combination updates meeting details with ease.

4. Google Analytics with Calendly

Calendly + Google Analytics helps you measure conversions and campaign funnels. This makes it easy to use your scheduling page to track visits as well as engagements. 

5. Salesforce with Calendly

Connecting Salesforce with Calendly allows you to schedule meetings on Salesforce, view past and future meetings on your activities as well as track and measure activities from Calendly. 

You can also customize the integration within Salesforce to fit your current process.

6. Stripe with Calendly

Stripe + Calendly lets you include payment terms with the scheduling process. You can receive payment and state if the payment is required or optional. 

This integration also automatically sends your invitees receipts.

7. PayPal with Calendly

Connecting PayPal with Calendly allows your invitees to pay in full or partially whenever they schedule a meeting with you. 

Calendly allows you to streamline the billing process to just one step.

8. Zapier with Calendly

Combining Zapier + Calendly helps you automate your workflow. If you’re looking for the perfect tools to take care of your automation and administrative works, then this is something you should try out. 

This integration allows you to focus on your most important priority while setting reminders is done for you.

9. Intercom with Calendly

Intercom + Calendly gives your prospects a seamless experience when scheduling with you. This integration allows leads to schedule meetings without leaving the messaging app. Your leads can now easily connect with you without all the back and forth.

10. Slack with Calendly

Slack scheduling integration allows you to share your availability making it easy for scheduling meetings. You can also send a personalized message along with your Calendly link and choose your preferred type of event.

11. GoToMeeting with Calendly

Connecting your GoToMeeting account with your Calendly makes your conference call easy. 

If you keep missing meetings because of confusion in setting up your GoToMeeting, then integrating with Calendly is the way out. GoToMeeting + Calendly will help clear your confusion and ensure you never miss a meeting. 

Case Studies With Calendly

These case studies show how Calendly is the go-to tool for any team looking to boost their productivity. 

While your current system might seem perfect, integrating with Calendly places you in the right direction.

Here are some Case studies:

1. Stack Overflow + Calendly Case Study 

Stack Overflow helps budding and professional web developers find jobs, develop skills, etc. But when it came to connecting talents for in-house job openings they kept struggling. 

With Calendly, Stack Overflow was able to boost the rate of interviewees that were hired. Calendly also helped reduce the administrative burden which was placed on recruiters. 

2. Bitly + Calendly Case Study

Bitly is a URL shortening and link management platform that helps brands measure their online marketing effort. 

Most clients contact businesses via phone calls and as they expand, issues like time zone differences results in missing calls o potential clients.

With Calendly, they were able to get faster engagement by allowing clients to set their own time for meetings. This led to a 40% increase in sales qualified opportunities. 

3. Signpost + Calendly Case Study 

Signpost is a CRM platform that creates a strong inbound marketing funnel. This platform works so well, but the sales team had challenges with setting up demos for their prospects. 

However, the team used Calendly to increase their demo by placing scheduling links in nurture campaigns, track the volume of meetings scheduled, and lots more.

Wrap It Up

There are more specific use cases for remote teams. However, to find out what features work best for team, organize your systems, processes, and goals around the functionalities on Calendly.

Get Calendly

Basic plan: Lifetime free for beginners.

Premium plan: For individuals or small teams needing customization and advanced features. It costs $8/month.

Pro plan: For teams and businesses with additional scheduling needs. It costs $12/month.

Enterprise: For large businesses with advanced security, control, and support needs. Contact the team for a customized solution.

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