A Complete Guide on How to Get Started with Omnisend, Use Cases, Pricing Plan, Features, Benefits and Alternatives

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Omnisend is an e-commerce-tailored email and SMS marketing automation platform. The private company is based in London, England and it started operation in 2014 and was formerly known as Soundest.

The company’s mission is to help e-commerce businesses make their marketing relevant by sending personalized messages to the right person (audience) at the right time.

Ease of Use4.5

Getting Started with Omnisend

1. Click on Start Free at the top right of Omnisend’s homepage.

2. You can sign up using either Email, Google and Shopify. I chose to sign up with Google.

3. Input a password, answer if you have an e-commerce business and agree with the Terms and Conditions and click on sign up.

4. Fill in the remaining information (or fields) to personalize your account and click on Continue.

5. Fill in the physical address section and click on Continue to Omnisend.

6. You are directed to your onboarding page, with a greeting – (this greeting could be any time of the day depending on the time of day you sign up).

How Omnisend’s Dashboards Works

1. The Dashboard section lets you have an overview of all your activities. You have access to your sales, audience, growth and performance. You can also view reports and manage forms for collecting data.

2. The Campaigns section helps you get more sales and higher open rates by making use of A/B Testing and campaign booster. You don’t need to know how to code and it needs fewer edits.

3. The Automation section helps you make use of web push notifications, email and SMS to provide your customers with a consistent and personalized experience by reaching them on their preferred (messaging) channels. You can also integrate with more than 130+ platforms.

4. The Forms section helps you grab attention, and collect data, subscribers and information with eye-catching form designs.

5. The Audience section helps you manage, import and export contacts and put them in segments for your (email) marketing campaigns.

6. The Reports section helps your business grow by using key performance metrics, trends and best-performing activities. You are also able to keep track of critical performances.

Omnisend Pricing Plan     

Omnisend has 3 pricing plans – Free, Standard, and Pro – and the price differ depending on the number of people you’re sending to.

If you’re sending to 0-250 people:

1. Email (Free) Plan goes for $0/month and it’s best for starting businesses or exploring Omnisend.   

With this plan, you can reach up to 250 contacts, 500 emails/month and up to 60 SMS and 500 web push. This plan comes with A/B testing, popups & signup forms, professional-looking email templates, sales & performance reports, pre-built automation & workflows, unlimited segmentation, and 24/7 email & live chat support.

2. Standard Plan

This plan is best for growing and medium-sized businesses focused on email marketing. It goes for $16/month. you can reach up to 500 contacts, send 60 SMS, unlimited web push and 6000 emails per month.

The standard plan comes with everything in the free plan including customer success manager from $400.

3. Pro Plan

This plan is a combination of Email + SMS. It’s best for high-volume senders aimed at adding extra power with SMS. It goes for $59/month. With this plan, you can reach up to 500 contacts, send unlimited emails, send 3933 SMS per month and an unlimited web push.

The Pro plan comes with everything in the Standard plan including advanced reporting, 24/7 priority support and customer success manager from $400.

Features of Omnisend

1. Email Campaign

This feature helps you create professional and personalized campaigns within minutes.

How It Works

Log into your Omnisend account and go to the campaigns section. Click on create email campaign, choose a campaign type and (optionally) connect your store for push notification. I chose the Email campaign type. You’re directed to the campaign settings that involve you filling in your campaign details. You include a subject line (with an option to boost your campaign), your sender’s name, a preheader, the campaign (text/message) and the choice of language.

When you fill in all data, scroll down and select Next Step. This takes you to the next step – choosing a template. This section needs you to choose a template goal – to offer a discount, announce a sale, promote products or others. More than one goal can be selected and you choose a theme – one or more themes can also be selected.   

Hover over any of your selected templates and click use template. You edit the template by using the library at the left and right side of your editing panel. You can send a test email to test-run the template. When done editing, click on finish editing. You select recipients to send your email to.

You can add them manually or choose from segments. Note that if your sender’s email is with Gmail, it may take longer to deliver or prevent the delivery of your emails. Your sender’s email can be with MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, Live and Hotmail. You can send your email immediately or you schedule for later.

Using the Email A/B test or email campaign type will require that you connect your store. The store can work with platforms partnered with Omnisend including Wix, Zencart, Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, and Ubercart.   

2. Forms

This feature helps you seamlessly collect more contacts, data and information to begin engaging them.

How It Works

Ensure you’ve logged into your Omnisend account and go to the Forms section. Click on preview and launch form. To know and have a variety of forms, click on view other form types and you are directed to choose a desired form template.

You choose a template based on a goal, theme and type (more than one box can be ticked). When you select your template, you edit it to your preference, and you add or remove items using tools at the left and right side of the editing panel.

When you’re done editing, you can preview your form in the mobile or desktop view. You can change your form name by clicking Edit at the top of the edit panel. To get more from your form, click the + sign in front of Form at the bottom of the editing panel and Step 2 is displayed.

Go to Theme settings to include more fields, change your form layout, and add buttons and colours. When done editing and adding finishing touches, you either click Save & Close or Enable. It’s saved in your draft and you’re directed to our Forms Homepage.

You click on your just concluded form, input a privacy policy link and click Enable., the forms are then enabled. To see/understand metrics, you can see the views, signup and signup rate. To add more fields, click on Edit.

3. Automation  

This feature helps provide your customers with consistent and personalized experiences while reaching them with their preferred messaging channels.

How It Works

Log into your Omnisend account and go to the Automation section and click on Browse pre-built workflows. Automation requires you to connect your store to track (your) customer behaviour and also trigger workflows. You connect your store with any of these platforms.

Automation workflows can be chosen via type, goal and channel. More than one workflow can be selected. You can go for any workflow under the Recommended sections or you pick any workflow under All Workflows.

Select any workflow and connect your store.

4. Analytics/Reports

With this feature, you learn about your customers and identify which marketing strategies will and can work for them.

How It Works

On your Omnisend account, click on the Reports section and you find your created campaigns and forms. Hover over your forms/campaigns and click on View Report to see your interaction, signup rates and metrics. You can also view device reports to know what devices your subscribers, audience or customers use.

5. Contact Segmentation

This helps you prioritise and personalize messages based on your contacts, audience or customer behaviour.

How It Works

On your Omnisend account, click on Audience. (I have 2 contacts created already when I was doing an email campaign. Yours can be 1 or more than that). Under Contact list, click create segment or go to segments and click on create segment. You can use the recommended tags or you choose from the contact properties.

When you select, click on save and show contacts. Input a segment name and click on Save. Add more tags and click on Update segments. Click on pre-built segments and you have a plethora of segment templates to pick from and select anyone – I chose Contacts from Europe)  

You can add, keep or remove tags. Your selected segment can also be renamed. When done, click on Update segment. Go back to the segments sections to see your segments.  

6. Ads

How It Works

Click on Features on Omnisend’s homepage and click on Audience Sync for ads. Click on start free. This feature works when your stores are connected to/on the platform.

Omnisend Ranking & Why We Recommend This Product

To check if Omnisend stacks up against parameters for SMS/Email marketing tools, here are our findings:

1. Reports/Analytics

Omnisend analytics and reports feature helps you keep track and learn about your customers. With metrics, you know how to use better marketing strategies and how well to communicate and tailor experiences for your audience.

On a scale of 1-5, Product Curve ranked it at 4.5.

2. Customer Database

This helps you record all your contacts, alongside the necessary information.

On a scale of 1-5, Product Curve ranked it at 4.5.

3. Segmentation

This helps you filter and categorise your audience and customers. It also enables you to improve your conversions.

On a scale of 1-5, Product Curve ranked it 4.3.

4. Third Party Integrations

You can easily integrate your store platform with any of Omnisend’s partnered apps, categories and collections.

On a scale of 1-5, Product Curve ranked it 4.

5. Marketing Automation

It works when your store is connected to Omnisend’s platform. You don’t have much workload but you send personalized messages to your contacts/customers if they do certain actions (triggers) or if they meet certain conditions.

On a scale of 1-5, Product Curve ranked it 4.

6. Spam Testing  

If you’re not really sure how best to tailor your subject line or a better suggestion for your sender’s name, you can try it out with Email A/B testing. This feature allows you to send two subject lines or sender’s names to a small percentage of your audience and the one with the highest open and click-through rate gets sent automatically.

On a scale of 1-5, Product Curve ranked it at 4.5.

Comparative Analysis: Omnisend vs Klaviyo

This section takes a look at Klaviyo as an alternative email and SMS marketing automation platform when compared with Omnisend.

Klaviyo was founded by Ed Hallen and Andrew Bialechi in 2012; the company is a global tech company that provides a marketing automation platform primarily for SMS and email marketing. The headquarter is in Boston, Massachusetts.

Klaviyo primarily integrates the platform with WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Stripe and Shopify.

Features of Klaviyo   

1. Signup Forms

This feature helps you grow your email and SMS subscriber list with the platform’s pre-built forms.

2. Automation

This helps you target the right audience and at the same time grow your (subscriber) list and drive sales with the use of hyper-targeted behaviour-triggered email and SMS automation.

3. Email and SMS Marketing

With Klaviyo’s email marketing feature, you can track every click and open rate of your campaigns to optimise your campaigns and increase your revenue.

With the SMS marketing features, it’s ideal for both beginners and experts to get the most out of your marketing.

4. Mobile Push

This helps you engage your customers with relevant mobile app push notifications.

Klaviyo Pricing

Similar to Omnisend’s pricing plan, Klaviyo is similar. Pricing depends on the number of contacts you have.

1. For 0 – 250 contacts

You have a free plan at $0 per month and this plan is perfect for beginners starting out with the Klaviyo customer platform. With this plan, you can send 500 monthly emails, 150 free monthly SMS/MMS credits, and email support for the first 60 days.

2. For contacts of 251 – 500

Email and SMS plan starts at $35/month with 1250 monthly SMS credits and this plan makes your marketing go further by reaching your customers through email and SMS. You can send 5000 monthly emails, applicable SMS carrier fees, and email and chat support.

3. Email Plan at $20/month and this plan is suitable for taking the next step in your email marketing with a simple solution that personalizes at scale.

Benefits That Make Omnisend Stand Out

1. Omnisend is user-friendly and very easy to get started with.

2. Omnisend automation and workflows are easy to learn, use and implement.

3. Omnisend has prefilled popups.

4. When your store is connected, there’s a Product Picker for your newsletter campaigns. When you select a product for your store, it’s automatically inserted into your newsletter and you don’t have to manually add images or descriptions.


If you’re trying to get your hands on a good email and SMS marketing automation tool, Omnisend is your go-to tool. It’s beginner friendly, has a simple user interface and it’s perfect for personal use and business.

Charis Raji
Charis Raji
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