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Chatbase, founded by Zewen Liang and Ofer Ronen, is a platform that develops AI technologies and tools to help Contact Centre create smarter virtual agents more efficiently.

In other words, Chatbase offers conversational AI solutions for enterprises to build smarter and more versatile virtual agents. Chatbase is an AI chatbot builder that trains ChatGPT on your data and lets you add a chat widget to your website.

In this review, we’ll explore Chatbase features, functions, use cases and if it’s a good product for you personally and for your business or agency.

Chatbase                  Ratings

Ease of use                  5

Pricing                         5

Automation                4.5

Integration                  4

Analytics                      4.5

Getting Started with Chatbase

1. Click on Log In at the top of the Chatbase homepage.

2. Input your email address and password and click Sign In or Sign In with Google. If you don’t have an account, scroll down and click on Don’t have an account? Sign Up.

3. A confirmation link is sent to your email, click on it to confirm.


Chatbase pricing plans can be billed monthly or yearly.

Monthly Billing

1. Free Plan at $0

It comes with 1 chatbot, 30 message credits per month, embed on unlimited websites and 400,000 characteristics per chatbot.

2. Hobby Plan at $10 per month.

This plan comes with 10 chatbots, API access, 1000 messages credits per month, embedding on unlimited websites, multiple files upload and 2,000,000 characters/chatbot.

3. Standard Plan at $50 per month

This plan comes with no Chatbase branding, 20 chatbots, 5000 message credit per month, multiple files upload, 4,000,000 characters per chatbot, API access and embedding on unlimited websites.

4. Unlimited Plan at $120 per month

This plan comes with API access, 40 chatbots, 12,000 messages credit/month, multiple files upload, no Chatbase branding, and 4,000,000 characters/chatbots.

Yearly Billing

1. Free Plan at $0

2. Hobby Plan at $100 per year

3. Standard Plan at $500 per year

4. Unlimited Plan at $1200 per year

Features of Chatbase

1. Custom ChatGPT for your website

This feature gives you the flexibility to create a custom ChatGPT from your data, customise the UI and embed it on your website as a chat bubble or an iframe.

How It Works

Click on Build Your Chatbot and click on Website. Input your website URL in the website bar, scroll down and input the link in the second website bar; then click on Fetch Links and click create chatbot.

To get started with this chatbot, type in a message or two and click the send icon. Since this is a free version, you’re accustomed to just one chatbot with 30 message credits per month.

To customise your ChatGPT, click on settings. You can customise your initial message from Hi! What can I help you with? To something more casual or formal. To make it more customized, add a text (or two) in the suggested messages, and change the theme from light to dark or dark to light. You can also update your chatbot’s profile picture.

You can update the user message colour and the chat bubble button colour. When you’ve made these customisations or additions, click on Save changes.

Go back to the chatbot option to see your edits and changes.

2. API to create chatbots.  

You can access this feature if you’re subscribed to a paid plan. You can create a chatbot. Update a chatbot, delete a chatbot and the ability to crawl websites and return the internal links if found. Basically, this API chatbot lets you an API chatbot from your knowledge base and add it to your website.

3. Featured Chatbots

These are chatbots that come with Chatbase. They include Paul Graham, Quaran, Chatbase, Naval Ravikant and The Art of War pdf.

How It Works

Click on Featured chatbots. Select any chatbot – I selected Quran – and begin chatting with it.

4. Multiple file support

Chatbase supports file types including docx, pdf, txt and doc. This gives you the ability to build an AI chatbot from your knowledge base.

How It Works

Click on My Chatbots and select New Chatbot. Since this is a free version, I’ll have to delete my previous chatbot – Product Curve. Select files, and click on choose file to select a file/document; when you’ve picked the document, click on create chatbot.

This feature helps you understand your files or documents betters and assists in easy and quick assimilation. You can also embed this on your website.

5. Zapier Integration

With this integration, you can connect Zapier with Chatbase and it helps you automate your work. It doesn’t require code.


Chatbase is a relatively new regenerative AI tool out in the market. It’s suitable for both personal, businesses and startups. We recommend using the free version to get yourself acquainted with the platform and if you think it’s a good fit for your needs, go for a paid version.

Should in case you have reservations or concerns, we’ll be in the comment section.

Charis Raji
Charis Raji
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