15 Best Marketing Software for 2024

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With the right marketing software, you can gain better control of your lead pipeline, be in front of your desires and target audience and help nurture leads effectively which also enhances your customer experience.

By having the right (content and email) marketing tools, you stand to build a good and strong reputation, brand and company. It’s essential to stay ahead on marketing matters for success in the coming year.

Factors Worth Looking Out for When Choosing a Marketing Software

1. Features and functionality

2. Integration and compatibility

3. Scalability

4. User Interface

5. Learning Resources & Guides

6. Integration

7. Understand the pricing plan in the long run

Marketing Software to Try Out in 2024

1. HubSpot

The American developer and marketer of software products was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. The public company is in the business of making software products for customer service, inbound marketing and sales.

HubSpot Marketing Software provides tools for search engine optimization (SEO), web analytics, content management, social media marketing, landing pages and customer support.

HubSpot comes with integration features for NetSuite, Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM and others. The platform promotes its inbound marketing concepts through its own marketing and has been called a prolific creator of content such as blogs, white papers, social media, and webinars.

HubSpot Features

HubSpot accommodates all your brand or business needs including Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, CMS Hub, Operations Hub and Commerce Hub.

1. Website Builder

HubSpot’s website builder has an easy free drag-and-drop editor that helps you put your brand out there, create insightful content and stand out.

2. Landing Page Builder

This feature helps in quickly designing and launching custom landing pages.

3. Forms/Online Form Builder

With this feature, custom forms are created with the platform’s free form builder. You don’t need technical expertise.

4. Sales Email Template

You have access to over 25 email templates that can get you closer to your clients, sales and goal success.

5. Tasks

This feature helps you create, share and prioritise objectives amongst a team.

6. Analytics Tools

This comes in handy in tracking customer behaviours on a website, page or app.

7. Dashboard

This feature gives your team an overall summary of their activities, deals and reports.

8. Integration

You can integrate over a thousand apps on HubSpot including Gmail, Hotjar, Google Meet, Canva, Typeform, X(Twitter), Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Instagram, Zapier, and Shopify.

9. Ads

This feature helps you create optimized target marketing campaigns.

10. Campaigns

This includes a group of marketing content and assets that can help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and tactics.

11. Automations with Sequences.

This feature uses workflows to automate task creation and assists in follow-up.

HubSpot Pricing Plan

This section covers all of HubSpot’s pricing plans and bundles. Given that HubSpot has 5 services and platforms, each section has a different pricing and bundle plan. They include:

A. Marketing

This plan has everything you need to capture leads and turn them into customers.

i. Starter Plan: starts from $20 per month ($18 when you pay upfront to save 10%) for 1000 marketing contacts, $40 per month ($36 to save 10%) for 2000 marketing contacts and $1611 per month ($1454 to save 10%) for 100,000 marketing contacts.

The plan comes with incentives in the free plan including automation (form and email automation), in-app chat support, forms, landing pages, and email marketing.

b. Professional Plan starts from $890 per month ($800 to save 10%) for 2000 contacts, $1140 per month ($1025 to save 10%) for 7000 contacts, $1390 per month ($1249 to save 10%) for 12,000 contacts and $4440 per month ($3991 to save 10%) for 87,000 contacts.

This plan has a free 14-day trial and comes with all incentives in the started plan including ABM tools and automation, social media, A/B testing, collaboration tools, custom reporting, salesforce integration, Ad conversion events, multi-language content, video hosting & management, teams and custom reporting.

c. Enterprise Plan starts from $3,600 for 10,000 marketing contacts, $3,700 for 20,000 marketing contacts, $4,090 for 60,000 marketing contacts and $4530 for 111,000 contacts.

This plan has a free 14-day trial and comes with all incentives in the professional plan including hierarchical teams, single sign-on, custom objects, sandboxes, adaptive testing, permission sets, partitioning, behavioural events, triggers and reporting.

B. Sales

HubSpot’s sales pricing plan has all you need to organise your data and close more deals.

i. Starter Plan starts at $20 per month ($18 to save 10%) for 2 paid users, $100 per month ($90 to save $10) for 10 paid users, $200 per month ($180 to save 10%) for 20 paid users, $500 per month ($450 to save $10) for 50 paid users and $1000 per month ($900 to save $10) for 100 paid users.

This plan comes with a live chat, 1 –– 1 email, Stripe integration, conversation outings, meeting scheduling, Goals, and simple automation.

ii. Professional Plan starts at $500 per month ($450 to save 10%) for 5 paid users, $1000 per month ($900 to save 10%) for 10 paid users, $2000 per month ($1800 to save $10) for 20 paid users and $4000 per month ($3600 to save 10%) for 40 paid users.

This plan has a free 14-day trial and comes with everything in the starter plan including forecasting, sales analytics, custom reporting, product library, ABM tools & automation, eSignature, Teams, standard CRM interface configuration, and smart send times.

iii. Enterprise Plan starts at $1200 for 10 users, $2400 for 30 users, $6000 for 50 users and $8400 for 70 users.

This plan has a free 14-day trial and comes with all incentives in the professional plan including advanced permissions, sandboxes, hierarchical teams, custom objects, playbooks, conversation intelligence, and predictive lead scoring.

C. Customer Service

This plan entails everything you need to put customers first.

i. Starter Plan starts at $20 per month ($18 to save 10%) for 2 paid users, $100 per month ($90 to save 10%) for 10 paid users, $250 per month ($225 to save 10%) for 25 paid users and $500 per month ($450 to save 10%) for 50 paid users.

This plan comes with all the free tools including shared inbox, team email, conversational bots, email tracking and notifications, email templates, reporting dashboard, mobile inbox, Documents, 1-to-1 email, simple ticket automation, canned snippets, and Slack integrations.

ii. Professional Plan starts at $500 per month ($450 to save 10%) for 5 paid users, $1500 per month ($1350 to save 10%) for 15 paid users, $3000 per month ($2700 to save 10%) for 30 paid users and $6000 per month ($5400 to save 10%) for 60 paid users.

This plan has a free 14-day trial and comes with all incentives in the starter plan including SLAs, help desk automation, customer portal, service analytics, customer feedback surveys, channel switching, phone support, and ticket routing.

iii. Enterprise Plan starts at $1200 for 10 paid users, $3000 for 25 paid users, $7200 for 60 paid users and $8640 for 72 paid users.

This plan has a free 14-day trial and comes with all incentives in the professional plan including playbooks, goals, sandboxes, custom objects, permission sets, field-level permissions, calculated properties, standard CRM interface configuration, hierarchical teams, and conversation intelligence.


This plan has everything you need to build and scale a data-driven website and grow your business.

i. Starter plan starts at $25 per month. It has a Standard SSL certificate, premium hosting, website development, live chat, reporting dashboard, content delivery network (CDN), website themes, app & asset marketplace, and drag-and-drop editor.

ii. Professional plan starts at $400 per month, has a free 14-day trial and comes with everything in the starter plan including password-protected pages, A/B testing, content strategy and staging, custom reporting, dynamic personalization, SEO recommendation and optimizations, Google Search Console Integration.

iii. Enterprise plan starts at $1200 per month with a free 14-day trial and comes with every incentive in the professional plan including code alerts, web apps, custom objects, additional root domains, activity logging, adaptive testing, content partitioning, multi-domain traffic, memberships, single sign-on.

E. Operations

Has everything you need to connect your apps, sync and clean customer data and automate business processes.

i. Starter plan starts at $20 per month ($18 to save 10%). It comes with incentives in the free plan including list segmentation, custom properties, custom field mappings, reporting dashboard, list segmentation, and multiple currencies.

ii. Professional plan starts at $800 per month ($720 to save 10%). It comes with a free 14-day trial and every incentive in the starter plan including webhooks, data health trends, scheduled workflow triggers, data quality automation and command, list segmentation, standard CRM interface, configuration, programmable automation, and required fields.

iii. The Enterprise plan starts at $2000 per month and has a free 14-day trial and comes with everything in the professional plan including sandboxes, datasets, custom objects, advanced data calculations and prep, and snowflake data share.

2. Buffer

Designed by a group of European experts in San Francisco – Leo Widrich and Joel Gascoigne, Buffer is a software application both for web and mobile and is designed to manage accounts in social networks by providing the means for a user to schedule posts on a variety of social platforms including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X(Twitter), Mastodon.

You can analyse each result on every platform and engage with your community. Buffer has had several acquisitions including Respondly, a social media customer service and brand monitoring tool, now rebranded to Reply for an undisclosed and unreleased price.

Buffer serves as a complete suite for those looking to optimize their social media presence and has had partnerships with Quuu, Zapier, X(Twitter), WordPress, Pocket, IFTTT, and Reeder.  

Buffer Features

1. Content Planning

It comes with subsidiaries like Queue View, Calendar View, Campaigns, and Posting Schedules.

2. Content Creation

This feature comes with the following features or subsidiaries – Drafts, Content Integration, Image editing, and hashtag manager.

3. Analytics

This feature comes with tools that help you analyze and measure your metrics including Dashboard, Overview analytics, Post analytics, Boosted posts, Audience insights, Answers, Reports, and Shopify.

4. Engagement

This comes with tools that aid conversations and your posts’ engagement. It includes a Grid view, Hotkeys, Channel toggle, Sentiment labels, and Smart emojis.

5. Start Page

This is similar to a link in bio link that has all of your most important links and latest content and it makes it easy for your audience to connect with you beyond your social accounts. It includes Appearance, Blocks, Statistics, Templates, a choice URL, and Multiple pages.

6. Mobile App

Buffer Pricing Plan

a. Free Plan

at $0 per channel and it’s for individuals and businesses getting started with social media. With this plan, you can connect up to 3 channels.

It comes with an AI assistant, publishing and planning tools and a landing page builder.

b. Essentials Plan          

This plan is for professionals who use publishing, engagement and analytics tools. Comes with a free trial of 14 days and costs $6 per month for one channel and a yearly plan of $5 per month, billed at $60 yearly. To add additional channels comes at a fee of $6 and will be billed monthly.

This plan comes with Free features including Analytic reports and engagement tools.

c. Team Plan

This plan is for teams who want unlimited users, reporting and collaboration. Has a monthly fee of $12/month for 1 channel yearly and a fee of $10/month for 1 channel billed at $120 yearly.

 This plan comes with the Essentials features including unlimited team members & clients and draft collaboration tools.

d. Agency Plan

This is for marketing agencies with 10 or more channels. Comes with a monthly fee of $120/month for 10 channels and additional channels for $6/month. Yearly billing goes for $100/month for 10 channels and additional channels for $5 and is billed at $1200 yearly.

Also, note that all paid plans come with 14 days free trial and your plan depends on the number of channels you’re adding or having.

3. Nutshell CRM

Headquartered in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan; Nutshell is a web and mobile customer relationship management and email marketing automation tool.

The platform first launched at the Future of Web Design Conference in November 2010 and in 2011, launched its integration with Google Apps.

Nutshell integrates with other SaaS services for small businesses.

Nutshell Features

1. Sales Automation

This feature helps put time-wasting tasks on autopilot t so that your team can focus on building meaningful relationships.

2. Reporting & Analytics

This helps you and your team know and learn what’s working and where needs improvement.

3. Email Automation

Helps you get more out of your email recipients to enable them to take action. You can also measure the reply rates of your email sequences by identifying the most effective campaigns.

4. Forms

You capture/collect data – name, phone number and email address – of your audience or contact to create leads or a database for marketing campaigns.

5. Team Collaboration

You can communicate and get alerts/updates from your team that keep you in the loop anytime your team needs you. You’re also able to easily bring your colleagues and teammates to a conversation.

6. Contact Management

This is a database that has all the latest information on your contact.

7. Pipeline Management

Can be viewed in the Board, Map, List or Chart view to go through your pipeline in an interactive way. It lets you prioritise the prospects that are meaningful to you.

8. Lead Attribution

Helps you discover where your (best) leads are coming from without spending time on manual data input. You’ve also got options to break down your leads and win rates by channel and filter them by channel and segment sales, losses, new leads and forecasts.

9. Built-in CRM with Email Marketing

Comes with a 14-day trial, and you create beautifully designed emails made with the platform’s email marketing software to target custom audiences and subscribers into buyers.

10. Meeting Scheduler

This feature keeps your team on top of upcoming meetings and appointments so that you can better manage relationships with prospects.

11. Customer Support

Available right from the moment you start your free trial to the first day of you being a Nutshell customer.

Nutshell Pricing Plan

a. Foundation Plan

This is a simple, flexible CRM that helps teams organize their contact, leads and organisations. When billed monthly, it goes for $19 per user per month and $16 per user per month when billed annually.

This plan comes with Free live support, email and calendar sync, contact management and communication timelines, unlimited data, people lead and company storage, customisable single sales pipeline.

b. Pro Plan

Comes with advanced reporting, CRM, and sales automation to help your team maximise every opportunity. When billed monthly, it goes for $49 per user per month, and $42 per user per month when billed annually.

This plan comes with everything in the Foundation plan including multiple pipelines, sales automation, a full reporting suite including Forecast reports, Funnel and Activity, and Personal email sequence.

c. Power AI Plan

This plan is for harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to improve efficiency, effectiveness and revenue in your CRM. When billed monthly, it goes for$59 per user per month and $52 per user per month when billed annually.

Comes with everything in the Pro plan including Zoom transcription summarization, 50 AI timeline summarizations per user each month, connected form set-up, click tracking and notifications.

4. Pardot

Founded by Adam Blitzer and David Cummings in 2007, Pardot is a B2B marketing automation company that helps businesses, brands and companies identify their prospects that are likely to convert based on how well they interact with your digital marketing assets.

It was acquired by ExactTarget in 2012 for 100 million dollars and then by Salesforce in 2013.

Pardot Features

1. CRM Integration

2. Email Marketing

3. Lead nurturing and management

4. Social media marketing

5. Sales Intelligence

6. ROI Reporting

Pardot Pricing Plan

5. Goldcast

Goldcast is a B2B events platform whose mission is to transform marketing through the effortless hosting of engaging digital and in-person events.

Goldcast also provides analytics that helps sales and customer success teams drive pipeline through the event, provide account-based insights, and track pipeline contribution by collaborating with other B2B marketing tools and CRM.

Goldcast Features

1. Webinars

2. Event Management & Calendar

3. Reporting & Analytics

4. Customer Support

5. Lead Distribution, Segmentation and Nurturing

6. Customizable Dashboard

Goldcast Pricing Plan

6. Smartsheet

Founded by Brent Frei, Smartsheet was developed by Smartsheet Inc. in 2005 and was introduced to the public in 2006. The platform offers collaboration and work management and is used to assign tasks, manage calendars and other works, and track project progress.

Even though Smartsheet is categorised under collaboration and project management, you can do your marketing work and strategies with the platform. with Smartsheet, you (and your team) can manage your creative and marketing work, schedule and content.

Smartsheet Features

1. Automation

This helps you save time and eliminate repetitive, manual tasks with no-code automated workflows.

2. Team Collaboration

You can share the latest version of your work/progress with your teammates and collaborators. You can control what each shared user can do with your Smartsheet item by setting their permissions as Commenter, Viewer, Owner, Admin or Editor.

3. Dashboards & Reporting

With customisable canvas and widgets, you display reports, sheets, forms and updates using Power BI, Google Docs, Tableau and YouTube.

4. Proofing

Also known as content collaboration, you set automated alerts and reminders to keep collaborators on schedule.

5. Account Administration

You have the leverage to configure and manage the Smartsheet account from one central location.

6. Integrations

With categories spanning from Automation, Data Visualization, Security and the like; you improve team collaboration and have better decision-making across your (tech) stack.

7. Digital Asset Management

In a partnership with Brandfolder, you can manage work and content in a single place to deliver better customer experiences and maximize the impact of your content.

8. Resource Management

9. Portfolio Management

10. Secure Request Management

11. Intelligent Workflows

12. No-code work apps

Smartsheet Pricing Plan

Smartsheet’s pricing plan is available in different currencies including Dollars, Euros, Norwegian Krone, Danish Krone, Australian and Canadian dollars.

a. Free Plan

At $0 (both yearly and monthly pricing), this plan can accommodate 1 user and 2 editors. It’s for people just getting started with tasks and project management.  

Comes with 2 sheets and 2 editors, Dashboards & reports, 100 automation per month, 500MB attachment storage, Gant/Grid/Card/Calendar views, log in with Apple ID/Google Workspace/Microsoft 365

b. Pro Plan

When billed monthly, it comes at $9 per user/month and $7 per user/month when billed yearly. This plan can accommodate a maximum of 10 users and unlimited viewers. It’s suitable for people and teams that want to track, share and manage projects with unlimited viewers.

This plan comes with everything in the Free plan plus User Management, 20GB attachment storage, Unlimited sheets, up to 10 editors – with paid license required to edit, 250 automation per month, Unlimited free viewers, Email support, Integrations with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack, Box and Dropbox

c. Business Plan

The most recommended plan is priced at $25 per user/month when billed yearly and $32 per user/month. This plan is suitable for businesses that want to manage projects and programs with unlimited free editors.

This plan comes with everything in the Pro plan plus Activity Log, Proofing, Baselines, Unlimited free editors, User/Group/Licence Management, Forms with conditional logic, Unlimited automation, Document builder, 1TB attachment storage, Publish sheets, Reports and dashboards, Access to Smartsheet University instructor-led and on-demand training, Access to standard and Professional support.

d. Enterprise Plan

You’ll have to contact SmartSheet’s Sales Team for a price plan, this is for organisations that run processes at scale with enterprise-grade security and controls.

This plan comes with everything in the Business plan plus Chargeback reports, Custom email domains, DocuSign Integration, Single sign-on/SAML, Directory integration, Enterprise plan manager, Custom email domains, Unlimited attachment storage, WorkApps: Curated experiences based on user roles.

7. Hootsuite

This private company, founded by Ryan Holmes is a social media management platform that supports social media network integrations for YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.  

It was formerly known as BrightKit, the platform makes it easy to save time with social media marketing by managing your social accounts and networks all from one place rather than logging into each network.

Hootsuite Features

1. Content Ideas and Inspiration

If you’ve run out of content or writer’s block, Hootsuite’s inspiration tag has a plethora of content ideas and catalogues to choose from. Some of the ideas include Flashback Friday Sale, This or That Question, Repost Product Pics or Products & Services FAQs.

2. Content Planner

Hootsuite’s content planner helps in structuring your social media posts. It has a social media content calendar that helps you visualize your posts in one place. Hootsuite’s content planner helps execute your when and where.

3. Analytics & Reports  

Hootsuite’s analytics gives you a 360-degree view of your results on all your social networks. These results can be customisable which makes it easy to distil, distribute and digest.

4. Social Listening with Streams

This stream feature helps in engage with your audience and at the same time keep track of social activities happening across your social accounts.

With this feature, you monitor things like hashtags, mentions, keywords, and conversations and respond right away.

4. Content Posting, Scheduling and Management

Hootsuite Pricing Plan

Hootsuite has four (4) pricing plans and they all come with a 60-day free trial. They include:

a. Professional Plan: It goes for $99 per month and is suitable for 1 user and 10 social media accounts. The plan comes with access to messages in one inbox, unlimited posts and post-scheduling. You can also choose to skip the 60-day trial and get 20% off.

b. Team Plan: It goes for $249 per month and is suitable for 3 users and 20 social media accounts. The plan comes with everything in the professional plan including you being able to assign posts to team members and roles & permissions. You can also choose to skip the 60-day trial and get 20% off.

c. Business Plan: It goes for $739 per month and is suitable for 5 users and 35 social accounts. This plan is bought and it comes with everything in the team plan including approval workflow, Hootsuite customer support, content & asset library and inbound/outbound tagging.

d. Enterprise Plan: This is a custom plan and a demo can be requested. It’s suitable for 5 users and starts at 50 social accounts. It comes with everything in the business plan including social ads management, team productivity reporting, social ads analytics & employee advocacy.

8. Mailchimp

Launched in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius, it began as a paid service and added a freemium option in 2009. Mailchimp is one of the go-to marketing platforms and is widely (and globally) recognized.   

Mailchimp initially began as a side project to help the founders’ web design agency’s clients build email lists and it was so for the first 6 years. Apart from Mailchimp being an all-rounder, its marketing essentials are known to be one of the best in town.

Mailchimp Features

1. Website Builder  

One of Mailchimp’s features is a website builder that can be previewed, edited and customized to your taste. Once you’re done editing, you can view your website on mobile mode – to see how it looks in your customers’ devices.

2. Email Services

This service/option helps you create engaging emails easily to help you grow your brand and sell more stuff.  Mailchimp’s email tools help your business get the best out of your email marketing.

3. Social Media Management

This feature assists in reaching the right audience with the right tools. It helps with Instagram ads, organic social posting and Facebook ads among others.

Mailchimp Pricing Plan

Mailchimp has 3 pricing plans including a freemium. The pricing plan is categorised in three sections namely: Marketing Platforms, Websites and Commerce and Transactional Email.


1. Free Plan: This plan is for new marketers with big ideas intending to get online, build an audience and start growing from day one. With this free plan, you have 500 contacts, you can send 2,500 emails with a daily limit of 500.

With the free plan, you have email support for 30 days, can be integrated into 250+ apps, and a creative assistant that has hands-on brand designs.

2. Essential Plan:  $11 for 500 contacts, $23 for 1500 contacts and $299 for 50,000 contacts. This plan is for marketers who intend to build relationships and also want to grow sales with email sends. This plan has some features like Brand tools that have content and smart design tools for building a brand, a Content Studio, websites and domains, 100+ pre-built email templates and a Creative Assistant.

It also has smart tools that have data-driven features that help you create better content, predict who to target and steps to take next.

3. Standard Plan: $17 for 500 contacts, $59 for 2500 contacts and $605 for 100,000 contacts. This plan is for experienced marketers who intend to scale and save time with advanced automation features and more data-powered tools.

With this plan, you can design and automate your business with the way customers interact with the Customer Journey Builder feature, and be productive and organized with the platform’s marketing calendar, which can be integrated on 250+ apps.

4. Premium Plan: $299 for 10,000 contacts, $460 for 20,000 contacts and $1,300 for 200,000 contacts. If you have more than 200,000 contacts, you can talk to Mailchimp’s sales team at contact them for a custom plan.

The Premium plan is for advanced marketers who want sophisticated growth and priority phone support.


1. Plus Plan: Starts at $29 per month. Websites that use this plan have the lowest transaction fee(s) for scaling their business.

The Plus plan has an additional transaction fee of 0.5% and the plan’s Stripe processing fee varies by location.

2. Free Plan: Starts at $0 and has everything a business needs to build a website and launch a store. The transaction fee is 2% and the Stripe processing fee varies by location.

3. Core Plan: Starts at $10 per month and includes website customisation, 24/7 support and lower transaction fees for growing businesses.

It has a transaction fee of 1.5% and the Stripe processing fee varies by location.


This pricing plan is designed for developers. Transactional email users can send 500 transactional emails to any email address that’s on a verified domain without buying transactional email blocks or a plan upgrade.

To know your transactional rate, you have to input the email estimate you intend to send monthly. There’s a fixed optional Dedicated IP rate that goes for $29.95 monthly. If you want to send 100 emails per month (with Dedicated IP inclusive), your estimated bill totals $49.95; whereas in a situation where you don’t include the Dedicated IP, you pay $20.

9. Google Ads

The online advertising platform was developed by Google and was launched in 2000. It’s the main source of revenue for Alphabet Inc., which contributes US$224.47 billion in revenue in 2022.

Google Ads works when advertisers bid or pay to display advertisements in packages like product listings, videos or service offerings to (web) users. It places the ads in results of search engines like Google Search, non-search websites, mobile apps or videos.

Google Ads Features

Google Ads Pricing Plan

 10. Canva

Yes, it’s known as a graphic design tool or platform but it has a lot of marketing features and comes in handy for businesses and marketers.

Founded by Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht, this software is used to create social media graphics and presentations. They also have Canva for Education – a free product that benefits schools and other educational institutions; Canva for Enterprise and Canva for Nonprofits.

As of December 7, 2022; they launched Magic Write, which is the platform’s AI-powered copywriting assistant. With Canva, you don’t have to know how to code or study design to be able to use it.

With Canva, you have access to professional marketing materials and unlock creative efficiency for your marketing team.

Canva Features

1. Video Background Remover

2. Background Remover

3. Instant Animation and Premium Content

4. Scheduling of Social posts on social platforms

5. Social posts templates

6. Transparent images

7. Resize designs

Canva Pricing Plan

a. Canva Free

This is for any individual looking to design anything with no experience needed. $0 per month for one person.

Comes with the following features – 250,000+ free templates, 5GB of cloud storage, a Drag-and-drop editor for easy customisation, 100+ design types (social media posts, letters, presentations and more, and 1 million+ free photos and graphics.

b. Canva Pro

For individuals, freelance designers and solopreneurs who want unlimited access to premium content and also create professional designs. Goes for

11. Trello

The marketing, productivity, project management, list making application was created by Fog Creek Software and is a subsidiary of Atlassian. Trello was released at a TechCrunch event by Joel Spolsky – Fog Creek Founder and in September 2011, it was named among one of The 7 Coolest Startups You Haven’t Heard of Yet.

Trello comes in handy for marketers and marketing teams whether it’s in the form of launching a new product, or campaign or creating content. It’s beneficial for marketing and creative teams as it comes with specially designed templates or Trello Power-Ups.

Trello Features

1. Task Creation

This involves creating a task/project from start to finish. You can create a board, manage information, track task statuses and ensure you deliver them.

2. Workspace Views  

This feature gives you better ways to see your cards/tasks in your workspace in two formats – calendar and/or table.

3. Templates

You have the opportunity to select pre-made cards/boards that cut across categories like Personal, Remote work, Team management, Product/Project Management, Design or Business.

4. Power-Ups

Trello’s power-up feature helps to supercharge your workflow by giving you the freedom to bring additional features to your boards and also to integrate your apps into Trello.

5. Integrations

This helps you discover and find apps or new ways to get work done in Trello. You can filter from categories ranging from Automation, Analytics $ Reporting, Developer tools, Product and design, IT and project Management.

Trello Pricing Plan

1. Free Plan – ($0)

Free for your whole team and it’s for individuals or teams that are looking to organise any project. This plan comes with unlimited cards, up to 10 boards per workspace, custom backgrounds and stickers, 2 Factor Authentication, iOS and Android mobile apps, unlimited activity log, unlimited storage (10 MB/file), unlimited Power-Ups per board, 250 workspace command runs per month.

2. Standard Plan -$5 per user/month if billed annually and $6 when billed monthly.

This plan is for small teams that need to manage work and scale collaboration. It comes with everything in the free plan including unlimited boards, custom fields, saved searches, single board guests, advanced checklists, unlimited storage (250 MB/file), and 1000 workspaces command runs per month.

3. Premium Plan – $10 per user/month if billed annually and $12.50 when billed monthly.

This plan is for teams that need to track and visualize multiple projects in several ways including boards, calendars, timelines and dashboards, workspace views: table and calendar, collections, workspace-level templates, simple data export, observers, unlimited workspace command runs, and priority support.

4. Enterprise Plan – $17.50 for 50 users

                                   $13.13 for 1000 users per month/user when billed monthly and $157.50 when   

                                   billed annually per user.  

                                   $16.25 for 5000 users per month/user and $195.00 annually per user.

This plan is for organisations that need to connect work across teams with more control and security. You’ll have to contact Trello’s sales team to get a custom bill.

This plan comes with everything in the Premium plan including unlimited workspaces, public board management, organisation-wide permissions, attachment permissions, power-up administration, multi-board guests, free SSO and user provisioning with Atlassian Access.

12. Tagboard

This software or platform helps aggregate social media content from multiple networks for end-users, marketers and brands.

Tagboard is Emmy-nominated and helps its audience experience a platform that helps storytellers in various sectors including news, entertainment and sports to produce the most engaging content.

Tagboard Features

1. Cloud Graphics

2. Interactive

3. Data-Driven Graphics

4. Production Analytics

5. Live Content

Tagboard Pricing Plans

13. Loomly

Loomly is an easy-to-use social media management platform that empowers you to create marketing strategies including publishing, analytics and collaboration with the end results of growing successful brands and meeting your marketing needs.

Loomly Features

1. Social Media Management

2. Reports & Dashboard

3. Content & Collaboration

4. Social Analytics

Loomly Pricing Plans

a. Base Plan

When billed monthly, it comes at $42/month and when billed yearly, it comes at $32/month with a total of $384 total in a year.

This plan comes with Loomly Media studio, 2FA, Post Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Custom Roles & Workflow, Custom Branding, Support – email, chat, FAQ.

b. Standard Plan

When billed monthly, it comes at $85/month and when billed yearly, it comes at $64/month with a total of $768 in a year. This plan can accommodate 6 users, and 20 accounts and comes with everything in the Base plan.

c. Advanced Plan

When billed monthly, it comes at $175/month and when billed yearly, it comes at $131/month with a total of $1572 in a year. This plan can accommodate 14 users and 35 accounts.

d. Premium Plan

When billed monthly, it comes at $369/month and when billed yearly, it comes at $277/month with a total of $3324 in a year. This plan can accommodate 30 users and 50 social accounts.

e. Enterprise Plan

A request quote that will be specially crafted for you/your brand/team. It can accommodate 31+ users and 51+ accounts.

14. Later

Founded in 2014, Later is the first-to-market Instagram scheduler and has grown from a simple Instagram tool to the number one visual marketing platform for Instagram, X(Twitter), Pinterest, and Facebook.

Later, formerly known as Latergramme, is a member of the Instagram Partner Program, an official TikTok Marketing Partner and a Pinterest Marketing Partner.

Later streamline your social media strategy so that you can set yourself up for more sales and success. The platform was acquired by Boston-based marketing influencer marketing platform, Mavrck.

Later Features

1. Social Media Monitoring

2. Post Scheduling

3. Multi-user collaboration

4. Multi-account management

5. Customer engagement

6. Brand tracking

7. Auto Publishing

Later Pricing Plans

a. Starter Plan

For individuals, when billed monthly it comes at $25/month and when billed yearly, it comes at $16.6 with 4 months free. It accommodates 1 user and comes with 1 social set (1 of each social account)

This plan comes with 30 posts per social profile, 5 credits for AI features, collab tools for creators, and limited analytics (up to 3 months of data). Extra credits go for $5 per month for 100 credits.

b. Growth Plan

Best for Small Teams. When billed monthly it comes at $45/month and when billed yearly, it comes at $30 with 4 months free. It accommodates 3 users and 3 social sets (3 of each account).

This plan comes with 150 posts per social profile, Team and brand management tools, collaboration tools for brands and creators, and customisable linkin.bio pages, full analytics (up to 1 year of data), and 30 credits for AI features.

Extra Social Sets – $15 per month each

Extra Users – $5 per month each

Extra credits – $5 per month for 100 credits

c. Advanced Plan

Best for Growing Teams. When billed monthly it comes at $80/month and when billed yearly, it comes at $53.33 with 4 months free. It accommodates 6 users and 6 social sets (6 of each account).

The plan comes with unlimited posts, 50 credits for AI features, live chat support, team and brand management tools, full analytics – up to 1 year of data, and customisable linkin.bio pages, and collab tools for creators and brands.

Extra Social Sets – $15 per month each

Extra Users – $5 per month each

Extra credits – $5 per month for 100 credits.

15. Sendible

Founded in 2009 by Gavin Hammar, Sendible has been in the business of helping brands, businesses and agencies scale and create memorable content.

Sendible has been voted as the G2Crowd Leader for social media management and they help individuals, brands, agencies and SMEs amplify their content to the right audience.

Sendible Features

1. Content Scheduling and Publishing

2. Collaboration

3. Analytics

4. Dashboard

Sendible Pricing Plans

a. Creator Plan

This plan is for freelancers. It accommodates 1 user and 6 social profiles, has a monthly bill of $25/month and billed yearly and a yearly bill of $29/month and billed monthly.

This plan comes with Reporting, Monitoring and reporting, Unlimited Scheduling, Planning and Content Ideas.

b. Traction Plan

For startup agencies and brands, accommodates 4 users and 24 social profiles. Comes with a monthly bill of $89/month and a yearly bill of $76/month. This plan comes with User Management, client dashboards, Team collaboration, assignment and approval.

c. White Label

This plan accommodates 10 users and 60 social profiles, currently on their Black Friday sales, so prices will differ after November 27.

This plan comes with an Account Manager, Content hashtag, Automated client reporting, custom branding and domain.

d. White Label+

This plan is for large agencies, brands, and franchises. Accommodates 100 users and 300 social profiles. Comes with optional SSO, access to all features, dedicated customer success, customised number of users and profiles.


2024 is around the corner with another chance to put your brand out there and in front of your audience. This roundup explores the best marketing software you can try and implement in your business/brand/team.

Charis Raji
Charis Raji
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