10 HRTech Tools To Try Out In 2024

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HR Tech refers to tools (and programs) and software (and sometimes hardware) that automate HR roles in an organization, startup or company.

In cases where technology creates ease in our lives and nearly everything we do, HR Technology makes work easier by automating data-driven, strenuous and tedious tasks.

HR Tech aka Human Resources Technology, is a term used to define/describe the software and hardware technology to automate essential HR functions. HR tech which may seem like a new form of some sort, comes in different shapes and sizes.

Some HR tech tools can focus on a single function including Talent management, Employment engagement, Payroll management, Application tracking systems, Performance management and the like.

HR tech also covers innovations including the cloud, self-service systems and automation, which can help you improve your performance as an HR.

Factors To Look Out for When Choosing AN HR Tech Tool/Software/Platform

1. Your business needs

2. User experience

3. Customisation options

4. Cloud-based options

5. Pricing & Licensing

6. Vendor Reputation

7. Data Security and Compliance

HR Tech Software to Try Out In 2024

1. Pade HCM

This Nigerian HR Tech tool is a simple all-in-one solution that helps businesses – of whatever scale automate human resource processes. Pade helps empower the best workplaces with seamless payroll, easy-to-use employee information and performance management and automated HR workflows.

Pade HCM Features

1. Payroll

With this feature, you (as an HR or company) can run multi-currency calculations – minor/major – like deductions, payables or any other legal transactions.

2. Requests Management

You manage all team members and employee requests by using smart policies that can take care of all the diverse scenarios for each employee.

3. Employee Information Management

With Pade, you have the flexibility to store a ton of information on your employees and also retrieve it within an instant. This platform/feature has come in handy in helping Nigerian organizations including PiggyVest, Dantata Holdings and TSL to manage their entire employee lifecycle from hire to exit.

This feature helps you upload (historical) documents in their profiles or set up custom fields for data that is peculiar to you.

4. Reports

You have a custom report builder that helps you keep a bird’s eye view of all your data from statutory/variance reports to payroll journals. You can also draw up any type of report with any data type from your organization.

5. Audits

These are inspection reports on all your organization’s activities. With Pade, you keep track of everything and anything that happens in your organization.

6. Custom Notifications

You can personalize your notifications to hear the right things that happen within your organization.

7. Approval Workflows

With this feature, nothing goes past your nose/authority without custom approval workflows including Leave, Promotions, Profile Updates and Payrolls.

8. Benefits

You can effectively manage Pension, Health Insurance and other custom benefits for your team – both the ones provided locally and internationally.

9. High-Performance Culture

With Pade, a high-performance culture is introduced into your organization that drives tangible business results. It’s in the form of an OKR approach or a Balance Scorecard.

2. SeamlessHR

Founded by Deji and Emmanuel, SeamlessHR is focused on helping businesses in emerging markets become productive and successful by developing well-designed, technology solutions. The company caters to a lot of companies in diverse industries, from SMEs with less than 100 employees to large enterprises with over 10,000 employees.

SeamlessHR Features

1. Payroll

With this feature, you can operate a streamlined, error-free, timely and compliant payroll processing in your business/organization. With SeamlessHR, you compute allowances, deductions, bonuses, raises and other financial operations. You also have the flexibility to run your payroll in a month.

2. CoreHR

This offers secure and integrated software that makes your HR more strategic. It has cloud storage with enterprise-level security for all your employee information – both old and new. In the case of new hires, the Core HR feature comes in handy to make them have a smooth onboarding and transition to your organization.

This feature helps you be aware of who is in and away from the organization and also calculate leave accruals without stress. Also supervises employees’ travel requests, and disciplinary management in the case of unacceptable workplace behaviour. Also, in the case of an employee exiting, the CoreHR comes in handy.

3. Performance

Irrespective of your organization or company structure, SeamlessHR creates inventories needed to get the job done. This feature covers competency management that sets proficiency levels, access your employees to identify gaps, and align your employee, departmental and corporate objectives.

It has rating scales that indicate and evaluate an employee’s level of achievement with easy-to-use & structured rating scales. It also has performance reports – visual reporting & analytics – to easily spot underperforming team members.

4. Recruitment

This feature helps you attract top talents and keep track of your entire recruitment funnel without a hitch. This feature comes with Job Management – to fill your pipeline fast, create & sync job openings; Applicant Tracking – to know what’s going on in your hiring funnel by using custom workflows to keep track of your candidates at every step of your recruiting process; Talent Pool – a database for all candidates; Collaborative recruitment – that ensures all eyes are on deck by sharing role-based access with Hiring Managers and other recruitment stakeholders; Internal Recruitment – that lets you source talent from various teams within your company for open roles; Online Testing – that lets you conduct pre-employment tests remotely and Background Check – to manage employment risks.

5. Time & Attendance

Helps you track both time & money by leveraging your most valuable assets, improving worker efficiency. This feature has work schedules – for keeping tabs and tracking employee hours and also estimating time theft and buddy punching; Employee Self-Service – your team receives notifications to check in and track individual hours worked as they clock in and out; Payroll Integration; Reports and analytics – has all the data you’ll need to make forecasts and workforce estimates.

6. Learning

SeamlessHR is in a partnership with GOI to make learning easier. You have access to a database of courses, you’re able to keep track of the courses your employees are taking and test their understanding with engaging assessments and customizable reports. 

SeamlessHR Pricing Plan

All pricing/subscription plans are flexible and fair. They include:


This plan helps you automate your HR operations. It comes with Approval Workflow, Redeployment, HR Information System, Leave/Payroll Management, and Mobile Apps (iOS and Android).


This plan helps you get ahead of your HR operations. It comes with everything in the Lite plan including Requisition & Expense Claim and Performance, and Potential Management.


This plan is for Power HR teams. Comes with everything in the Core Plan including Time and Attendance, Disciplinary Management, Exit & Off-boarding Management.

For all pricing plans, you’ll have to request a demo.

3. BreezyHR 

Based in Jacksonville, Breezy HR is an end-to-end recruiting software in the business of optimizing your recruiting process.

BreezyHR Features

1. Job board distribution

BreezyHR helps in showcasing your job openings in all the right places to the best job boards. It has access to premium and niche job boards including Monster, LinkedIn, and Career Builder. The platform’s choice of job boards makes it easier to have diverse candidates.

2. Candidate Management

This feature helps you screen applicants and candidates without wasting time. It’s a user-friendly candidate management tool, you find out everything you need to know about each candidate either with SMS, emails, Slack, automation (if you’re bored of repetitive work), touchless pre-screening and seamless calendar integration.

3. Offer Management

With this feature, BreezyHR simplifies the process of inviting your best candidates to join the team. The process is made easy with custom offer templates, built-in eSignatures, and approval flows.

4. Integrations

Combine the tools you like and use the most – ranging from email, Slack and Calendar to BreezyHR.

5. Candidate Scorecard

BreezyHR generates a review report by accessing each candidate’s performance.

6. Interview Tools & Management

With this feature, you invite and interview candidates at their convenience. When interviewing, candidates’ resumes, scorecards and real-time notes are displayed right on the screen for easy review.

BreezyHR Pricing Plan

This platform’s pricing plan includes unlimited users, customer support and unlimited candidates. You can pay annually or monthly and the annual pricing comes with 2 months free.

a. Bootstrap Plan

This free plan has all the basics for one position or post.

b. Startup Plan

This has enhanced hiring tools to get off the ground. Annual pricing goes for $157/month and monthly pricing goes for $189/month.

c. Growth Plan

This is the most popular plan and helps you hire better together with a growing team. Monthly pricing goes for $329/month and annual pricing goes for $273/month.

d. Business Plan

This plan has the ultimate hiring control and flexibility. Annual pricing goes for $439/month and monthly pricing goes for $529/month.

4. Namely

 Founded in 2021 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn; Namely is an HR tech tool that offers performance management tools, social newsfeed, HR information system and payroll. Their last funding was in August 2018 with a $60million growth round led by GGV Capital. Namely provides an all-in-one HR platform designed specifically for growing midsize businesses. 

Namely Features

1. Core/Overall HR

This helps you have overall control of your HR management software. The platform has been designed to give you the power to personalize your HR platform to meet your needs. It comes with everything you need to Hire, Inspire & Retire.

It comes with a system of Records, Time off tracking, Configurable Profile Fields, eSignature, an Easy-to-use mobile HR app, Open API and delivered Integrations, Custom Workflows and approvals.

2. Talent Management

This feature helps HRs connect, engage and review your team’s performance in a platform your team or employees enjoy using. This comes with Applicant Tracking, Goal Tracking, Background checks, Offer Letters, Performance Review, Learning and Development and 360 Feedback.

3. Analytics

This gives you metrics/data to back your ideas up. It comes with Delivered Dashboards, Point-in-Time reporting, and Intuitive Ad-Hoc Report Builder.

4. Compliance Software

This feature helps control overwhelming situations in an organization, it keeps everything under control. It keeps everything under control and comes with Law and compliance alerts, a Job Description Builder, a Salary Benchmarking Library, Living handbook creditor.

5. Employee Benefits

With this platform, you can make it easy for employees/teammates to enrol and also make it easy to manage them. It comes with Easy plan configuration, Delivered Reporting, Embedded Employee Support, ACA enrollment and reporting.

6. Online Payroll Software

This feature takes the stress of payment processing and helps you achieve confidence in your results. It comes with Wage Garnishment, Quarterly/Year-end reporting, mobile 1099s and W-2s, and Complete payroll reports.  

Namely Pricing Plan

You’ll have to contact Namely’s Sales team.

5. Reposebay

Based in Lagos, Nigeria; Reposebay prides itself as a leading HR tech company that provides Comprehensive Employee Management and payroll services to help businesses streamline their HR tasks.

Reposebay Features

1. HR Hub

This feature helps you outsource your HR functions so that you can focus on other important tasks. You effectively hire qualified HR professionals, Documentation, Recruitment and onboarding, Business Reviews and advisory.

2. Rbetach

This helps in simplifying all HR processes ranging from Payroll to employee management. A seamless and efficient way to manage all HR functions comes with this feature.

3. Job Board

This section features job listings that have been vetted to attract potential qualified candidates. You can be equipped to properly take on interviews by accessing the resources available.

4. Resume Builder

This is an AI-powered resume builder tool that helps you build your CV in minutes. It has customizable templates and is available for all screen sizes.

Reposebay Pricing Plan

a. Micro Plan

Accommodates 1-10 employees at N80,000 per month. Comes with Recruitment, Employee Management, Daily Virtual Check-Ins, Onboarding.

b. Small Package A

Accommodates 11-20 employees at N120,000 per month.

c. Small Package B

Accommodates 21-30 employees at N150,000 per month.

d. Small Package C

Accommodates 31-40 employees at N180,000 per month.

e. Small Package D

Accommodates 24-50 employees at N200,000 per month.

f. Medium Package A

Accommodates 51-60 employees at N220,000 per month.

g. Medium Package B

Accommodates 61-70 employees at N250,000 per month.

h. Medium Package C

Accommodates 71-80 employees at N300,000 per month.

i. Medium Package D

Accommodates 81-90 employees at N360,000 per month.

j. Medium Package D

Accommodates 91-100 employees at N4000,000 per month.

k. Custom Package

Above 100 employees and has a negotiable plan.

6. Paylocity

Founded in 1997, this is an American company that provides cloud-based payroll and human capital management software. It was formerly known as Ameripay Payroll Ltd, held an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in March 2014 and raised $120million.

Paylocity Features

1. Payroll Solutions

The Paylocity platform ensures HRs and companies can simplify, automate processes and stay tax compliant. They also offer the flexibility for employees to access a portion of their wages when they need it.

2. Workforce Management

You’re able to automate time, save costs and labour and be able to save resources. Manual data entry is reduced drastically which gives automation; automating time tracking and attendance & simplifying scheduling and time off requests.

3. Human Resources

This entails the simplification of management of employees, documents & compliances. Employees have 24/7 secure access to payroll and HR data, you make use of HRIS to pull reports, dashboards and analytics that provide real-time visualized data that will help you monitor/keep a tab on metrics, and trends and to make smart data-based decisions.

4. Talent Management

This entails recruiting, onboarding, performance, compensation and training. You get top talents and candidates when you leverage Paylocity’s talent management suite.

5. Employee Experience

Gives employees their desired experiences and in return, draws them into the platform – not just to find their W-2.

6. Mobile App

This is an easier and more convenient way to access Paylocity. You have all the information you need in the palm of your hand.

7. Data Insights

This provides you with metrics for increase, retention and impactful insights.

Paylocity Pricing Plan

a. Payroll Software

For streamlining your payroll processing.

b. Human Resources Software

To maximize HR risks and best practices.

c. Workforce Management Software

Helps run your business

d. Talent Management Software

To propel your employees’ progress forward

e. Benefits Management Software

With this pricing plan, you empower employees to enrol, view and update their information.

f. Employee Experience Platform

g. Beyond Traditional HRIS software

7. Workday

This company is a provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, they help customers adapt and thrive in a changing world. Workday is used by more than 10,000 organizations around the world and across various industries and sizes. It was founded in 2005 and went public in 2012; it has a wide range of products that give HR leaders the data and tools they need to support and grow a company.

Workday Features

1. Organization Management

With this feature, you can model your business or company’s change based on data-driven insights and data into evolving market (industry) conditions. It’s designed for adaptability, with custom structures that are unique to you.

2. Reporting & Analytics

You have comprehensive visibility, automated analysis, and external benchmarking amongst other capabilities to make concrete and strategic decisions with confidence and insights.

3. Talent Optimization

Also known as Skills/Performance management, you have a complete view of your talent and a deeper understanding of how to make the most of it. With skills being the new currency in the world of work, you access top talents with Workday’s skills intelligence foundation – which enables you to lead in evolving talent markets, build business agility and also adapt to changing business demands.

4. Timesheets

Comes with time accumulators, real-time calculations and validations and global labour cost reporting to unify all of your time-tracking actions and unlock productivity. This feature has an all-in-one dashboard to oversee (critical) labour and productivity tasks.

Workday Pricing Plans

No pricing plan is featured on Workday’s official website; however, all pricing information will be obtained when you contact Sales.

8. BambooHR

The American company was founded by Ben Petersen and Ryan Sanders in 2008 and is based in Lindon, Utah. The private company provides human resources software as a service. In 2019, BambooHR served 11,000 clients that were based in 100 countries. BambooHR empowers organizations, HR pros and employees the simplification of complicated processes and streamline time-consuming tasks.

BambooHR Features

1. Employee Database

With this feature, you collect and manage all your employee’s data. You can customize the fields for easy tracking.

2. Reporting

You’re able to generate and get access to instant HR reports to be able to make more strategic decisions. You have detailed HR reports at your fingertips.

3. Mobile Apps

You can access necessary information right at your fingertips and keep up with your busy schedule.

4. Applicant Tracking System

With this feature, you’re provided with the right recruiting tools to find and hire the right talent.

5. Employee Offboarding

Teammates and employees saying goodbye is made easier.

6. E-Signature

BambooHR E-Signature feature makes gathering signatures easy, fast, organized and environmentally conscious.

BambooHR Pricing Plan

Trusted by 30,000+ companies of various sizes, this pricing plan is flexible and comes with all features.

a. Essentials

This pricing plan is basic but comes with powerful tools for companies that are just starting out in their HR journey. This plan comes with Email Support, Employee Records, a Mobile App, Reporting and analytics, Employee Self-Service, and Time-Off Management.

b. Advantage

This pricing plan is the complete platform for companies that are ready to experience the business value of strategic HR. It comes with everything in the Essential plan including On/Offboarding, Open API, E-Signatures, Applicant Tracking System, Customizable Reports, and Phone & Chat Support.

9. Paycom

This platform’s HR and payroll software simplifies life for employees and also transforms how companies (people) do business. Paycom follows the entire life cycle of an employee and allows employees access to all the online payroll services needed to manage their (personal) data – anywhere, anytime.

Paycom Features

1. Talent Acquisition

This comes with comprehensive tools to find, hire and onboard top talents. It comes with applicant tracking, onboarding, tax credits, E-Verify, and enhanced background checks.

2. Payroll

This feature is the core of Paycom because that’s why employees work. It comes with VaultR, Beti, EverydayTM, Expense Management, GL Concierge, Paycom Pay, Payroll Tax Management, and Garnishment Administration.

3. Talent Management

It has tools that help you build and manage your people to retain your top performers for a competitive edge. This feature helps you create career paths, keep employees on track and help them grow.

4. HR Management

With this feature, you manage and retain employees with the right HR management tools to help ensure your processes are as efficient as possible.

5. Time & Labour Management

This feature helps you manage labour and engage employees as you process payroll and track time, all within the software.

Paycom Pricing Plan

You’ll have to contact Paycom to get a quote or fee.

10. Gusto

Gusto Inc. is a private company that provides cloud-based payroll, benefits and human resource management software for businesses based in the United States. The platform started out as part of Y Combinator’s Winter 2012 batch and was officially launched in December 2012, by Edward Kim, Joshua Reeves and Tomer London.

More than 300,000 businesses choose and use Gusto and the platform has been voted the first ranking HR platform for payroll, benefits and more.

Gusto Features

1. Time Tracking & Attendance

With Gusto, you don’t have to go through the route of data entry, instead, your employees can record their hours accurately themselves – and you can approve them easily.

2. Hiring & Onboarding

Gusto helps you find the right picks, candidates and employees and makes them feel welcome from the get-go.

3. Talent Management

You can grow and develop your dream with Gusto management tools. Gusto’s tools help evaluate performance and career development to assist in building the kind of work culture that motivates, nurtures and retains your team.

4. Reporting

You can make smart and bold business decisions with the right data and insights.

5. Workers Compensation

Comes in handy in the case of hazards or accidents. This feature helps you prepare for emergencies.

Gusto Pricing Plan

a. Simple Plan

This is a streamlined set of authentic payroll, features and benefits integrations. It’s billed at $40/month plus $6/month per person. The Simple plan comes with Basic hiring and onboarding tools, full support, employee profiles and self-service, payroll and time-off reports, custom admin permissions, integrations for accounting time tracking, expense management and much more.

b. Plus Plan

This plan is a comprehensive payroll, benefits and HR tool to help employees build a great place to work – in-person or remotely. Billed at $80/month plus $12/month per person. This plan comes with everything in the Simple plan including PTO management and policies, a Time kiosk, Advanced hiring and onboarding tools, Team management tools, Performance reviews, Time and project tracking, Full-services multi-state payroll including W-2s and 1099s and much more.

c. Premium Plan

This plan has scalable payroll and benefits, expert HR, priority support and a dedicated success liaison to meet the complex needs of growing teams. It has exclusive pricing which means you have to contact Gusto for a price quote or fee. The Premium plan comes with everything in the Plus plan including Priority support, HR Resource Centre, Compliance alerts, R&D tax credit discount, Waived fees and exclusive pricing, a Dedicated Customer Success Manager and much more.


With these highlighted HRTech tools, trying any of them will make your work easier this new year. Go all out when it comes to HR and you’ll reap the rewards.

See you in the next article.

Charis Raji
Charis Raji
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